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Management and Systems Engineering

Management Systems

This focus is on transdisciplinary fundamental and translational research that studies the design, management and sustainment of complex engineered systems, socio-technical systems, and management systems. We seek to understand critical interactions and interdependencies within these systems and between these systems and their environments, with a particular focus on resilience of such systems. We develop engineering methods, informed by other scientific domains as well as research sponsors and collaborators from industry, government, and academia, that we apply to a diverse portfolio of applications and scenarios with a sensitivity to societal and educational impact. Our research methods encompass a broad set of design and analysis tools, including both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Faculty within this group have extensive expertise and experience in systems science, analysis, and engineering (encompassing complexity science; decision analysis; model-based systems engineering; problem formulation; system architecture and design; system dynamics modeling; systems thinking; and verification and validation); enterprise systems engineering (encompassing enterprise design; enterprise engineering; enterprise transformation; continuous process improvement; performance measurement science; and strategic performance measurement, management, and modeling); economic production theory; policy analysis; service science; and technology management.  We apply this expertise and experience to energy and environment systems; critical, resilient, and safe infrastructure systems; manufacturing systems; service systems (with a particular focus on healthcare systems); and space systems.


Management and Systems Engineering Faculty