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The Virginia Tech Learning Factory is an educational platform that includes traditional machining and assembly operations found in most manufacturing environments. Additionally, the factory is a showcase and testbed for the systems and technologies of Industry 4.0.

The mission of the Learning Factory is "to provide a safe and effective learning environment where hands-on undergraduate education of Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies can be experienced".

In approximately 1,800 square feet on two floors of Durham Hall, the Learning Factory:

  • Provides the infrastructure to produce practice-oriented learning that will reduce the gap in technology competencies and access for students. 
  • Can be used for industry training programs and ISE undergraduate education in the intelligent factory. In addition, senior design teams and undergraduate research teams will use it as a platform to test new concepts. 
  • Is the ideal environment to design, test, and implement new technologies of to  the factory of the future before they are ready for full deployment in a sponsor's factory. It will be a key component for manufacturing floor innovation.


Team-based Experiential Learning:

Recent projects in the factory include:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Virtual Factory 
  • Mobile Robotic Solution
  • Factory Support and Digital Thread 
  • Finding Missing Assets in the Intelligent Factory Operators Movement Tracking 
  • Tool Wear Monitoring in a CNC Environment Dashboard Design and Connectivity 

The Learning Factory encourages collaboration between Undergraduates, Faculity, and Industry Partners.  To learn more about how you can use the Learning Factory for your next collaboration contact Matt Earnest

  • HAAS 5 axis machining center
  • Alienware desktop computers with gaming capabilities
  • 65” color display monitors
  • MiR 100 Mobile Industrial Robot
  • Universal Robot UR5 collaborative robot
  • Aubo i5 cobot
  • Eksobionics exoskeleton
  • LIMS software for edge computing
  • Markforged 3D printer
  • Stratsys F170 3D printers
  • SMC Flexible Assembly Station with UR3 cobot
  • Epson c3 Robot
  • Lean cell including 7 workstations
  • TorMach 4 axis marchining center
  • Solar panels and Sunny Boy inverter