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Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics

This area studies the interactions between humans and systems, including the design and evaluation of technology, environment, and tasks in order to make them compatible with the needs, abilities, and limitations of people.

Cognitive & Systems Engineering

This area studies human perception and cognition to design effective interactions with technology to promote safety, operational performance, and innovation.

·       Human-Systems Interaction Design

·       Virtual and Augmented Reality

·       Auditory/Acoustical Systems & Hearing Safety

·       Transportation

Cognitive & Systems Engineering Faculty

Occupational Ergonomics & Biomechanics

This area addresses a range of topics and spans in scope from fundamental understanding of underlying injury mechanisms, to applications in risk evaluation, design of controls, and interventions.

·       Slips, Trips & Falls

·       Motor Control & Coordination

·       Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention

·       Ergonomic Exposure & Risk Assessment

·       Work Performance Enhancement

Occupational Egonomics & Biomechanics Faculty

Macroergonomics & Safety Engineering

Macroergonomics (Systems Ergonomics) is focused on organizational interfaces with personnel/users, technology and the environment.  This sociotechnical perspective is also applied to safety hazard control in occupational and non-occupational environments.

·       Systems Evaluation and Design/Redesign

·       Transportation Safety

·       Human-Systems Integration

·       Fatality Prevention

·       Human-Technology Function Allocation

Macroergonomics & Safety Engineering Faculty