Research Areas

The interests of department faculty span most areas of specialization at the forefront of industrial and systems engineering research.  Our current areas of research are:

Operations Research (OR) is the application of scientific and mathematical methods to the analysis, management, and design of complex systems, and analytics is the use of data to gain insight into systems and improve decision-making.  Thus, OR and analytics are fundamental to management and decision science, and are used extensively to develop policies and strategies for complex systems (e.g., enterprises), as well as their operational management. This research area studies theoretical aspects of OR and analytics tools such as mathematical programming, simulation (e.g., discrete event, Monte Carlo, system dynamics, agent based) and stochastic processes, statistics and probability, queuing networks, system science, network optimization, decision sciences, machine learning, and others. These tools address problems arising in healthcare and medicine, public policy, manufacturing, telecommunications, supply chain and logistics, and intelligent infrastructure, among others, and are essential to understand and manage today’s complex systems and organizations.  

Operations Research and Analytics Faculty:
Dr. Manish BansalDr. Douglas BishDr. Ebru K. BishDr. Xi ChenDr. Ran JinDr. Robert HildebrandDr. Zhenyu KongDr. Alejandro SaladoDr. Michael TaaffeDr. Konstantinos TriantisDr. Subhash C. SarinDr. Weijun XieDr. Xiaowei Yue

This area studies the interactions between humans and systems, including the design and evaluation of technology, environment, and tasks in order to make them compatible with the needs, abilities, and limitations of people.

This area studies human perception and cognition to design effective interactions with technology to promote safety, operational performance, and innovation.

·       Human-Systems Interaction Design

·       Virtual and Augmented Reality

·       Auditory/Acoustical Systems & Hearing Safety

·       Transportation

Cognitive & Systems Engineering Faculty:
Dr. John G. CasaliDr. Deborah E. DickersonDr. Joseph GabbardDr. Myounghoon JeonDr. Charlie KlauerDr. Nathan Lau
Dr. Kichol Lee

This area addresses a range of topics and spans in scope from fundamental understanding of underlying injury mechanisms, to applications in risk evaluation, design of controls, and interventions.

·       Slips, Trips & Falls

·       Motor Control & Coordination

·       Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention

·       Ergonomic Exposure & Risk Assessment

·       Work Performance Enhancement

Occupational Ergonomics & Biomechanics Faculty:
Dr. Sunwook KimDr. Michael MadiganDr. Maury A. NussbaumDr. Divya Srinivasan

Macroergonomics (Systems Ergonomics) is focused on organizational interfaces with personnel/users, technology and the environment.  This sociotechnical perspective is also applied to safety hazard control in occupational and non-occupational environments.

·       Systems Evaluation and Design/Redesign

·       Transportation Safety

·       Human-Systems Integration

·       Fatality Prevention

·       Human-Technology Function Allocation

Macroergonomics & Safety Engineering Faculty:
Dr. John G. CasaliDr. Deborah E. DickersonDr. Joseph GabbardDr. Charlie KlauerDr. Brian M. KleinerDr. Konstantinos Triantis

Production and service systems are integral components of the global economy.  This research area addresses the effective design and operation of both production and service systems.   ISE faculty have extensive research experience in production planning and scheduling, supply chain and logistics, operations management, emergency management, resource allocation, and system performance measurement.   Novel application areas include gene synthesis systems, hospital evacuations, performance film scheduling, industrial gas distribution, freight transportation, electronics assembly process planning, and the internet of things (IoT).  This research group has strong industrial collaborations. 

Production and Service Systems Faculty:
Dr. Manish BansalDr. Douglas BishDr. Ebru K. BishDr. Natalie CherbakaProf. Kenneth HarmonDr. Subhash C. SarinDr. John ShewchukDr. G. Don TaylorDr. Konstantinos TriantisDr. Eileen Van AkenDr. Weijun Xie

Manufacturing science and engineering play a critical role in driving technological innovation.  Continuing its history of excellence and innovation in manufacturing, ISE is currently leading manufacturing innovation in various areas, including emerging manufacturing processes, data analytics, sensor and biosensor design and analytics, quality control, and cyber security.  ISE has expertise in: bio-manufacturing processes; process monitoring, sensing, and biosensing; sensor- and data-driven quality control; and cyber-physical security for manufacturing.  Partnerships have been formed between manufacturing faculty and partners from a variety of industrial sectors including the aerospace, automotive, transportation, healthcare, biomedical device, semiconductor and electronics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Advanced Manufacturing Faculty:
Dr. Jaime A. CamelioDr. Ran JinDr. Blake JohnsonDr. Zhenyu KongDr. John ShewchukDr. Xiaowei Yue

The healthcare sector forms a large segment of the United States (and world) economy, and a fair, efficient, safe, and effective use of healthcare resources is of the utmost importance. Healthcare is a complex system, and the research performed in ISE works towards improving healthcare through better decisions, from those made at the policy and strategic levels, down to day-to-day clinical and operational decisions.  Besides decisions, ISE also works to develop novel therapies, improve current ones, and improve the safety of healthcare delivery.  Our strengths cut across methodological boundaries and include operations research and data analytics, ergonomics and human factors, and bio-manufacturing.  These methodological strengths are integrated with extensive healthcare knowledge and strong partnerships with the medical and health sciences community to transform health systems.

Healthcare Systems Faculty:
Dr. Douglas BishDr. Ebru K. BishDr. Jaime A. CamelioDr. Navid GhaffarzadeganDr. Niyousha Hosseinichimeh ,Dr. Ran JinDr. Maury A. NussbaumDr. Divya SrinivasanDr. Konstantinos Triantis

This focus is on transdisciplinary fundamental and translational research that studies the design, management and sustainment of complex engineered systems, socio-technical systems, and management systems. We seek to understand critical interactions and interdependencies within these systems and between these systems and their environments, with a particular focus on resilience of such systems. We develop engineering methods, informed by other scientific domains as well as research sponsors and collaborators from industry, government, and academia, that we apply to a diverse portfolio of applications and scenarios with a sensitivity to societal and educational impact. Our research methods encompass a broad set of design and analysis tools, including both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Faculty within this group have extensive expertise and experience in systems science, analysis, and engineering (encompassing complexity science; decision analysis; model-based systems engineering; problem formulation; system architecture and design; system dynamics modeling; systems thinking; and verification and validation); enterprise systems engineering (encompassing enterprise design; enterprise engineering; enterprise transformation; continuous process improvement; performance measurement science; and strategic performance measurement, management, and modeling); economic production theory; policy analysis; service science; and technology management.  We apply this expertise and experience to energy and environment systems; critical, resilient, and safe infrastructure systems; manufacturing systems; service systems (with a particular focus on healthcare systems); and space systems.

Management & systems engineering faculty

Dr. Navid Ghaffarzadegan, Prof. Ken Harmon, Dr. Niyousha Hosseinichimeh, Dr. Hanumanthrao Kannan, Dr. Alejandro Salado, Dr. Konstantinos Triantis, Dr. Eileen Van Aken

Research Facilities

Our department has a number of state-of-the-art research facilities and equipment that are used in our research and teaching.  We invite you to look at what we have to offer.