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Student Spotlight: Kevin Pei

Kevin Pei

Kevin lived in Manhattan, Kansas and then later moved to Arlington, VA around his sophomore year of high school. While he doesn’t mind living in the city, the small town feel that Blacksburg offers is what really drove him to choose Virginia Tech. He is currently Junior double major in ISE and Psychology. He plans to pursue a Master’s in Human Factors Engineering upon graduation.

Kevin has a true desire to help others achieve their highest potential. He accomplishes this by being a Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting Coach, where he sees that desire come to life. Being able to work with people of all different levels pushes him everyday in the gym, but seeing their hard work pay off is what he absolutely loves about it. He plans to continue working with people in the health/fitness industry once he finishes his education. Oh, and to wrap it all up, he is a Virginia Tech cheerleader! So keep an eye out for this awesome Hokie jumping to Enter Sandman on the field!