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Graduate Students and GTAs

Spring 2021 Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Assignments

Course Name
ISE 2004 Intro to ISE Henil Lad (Email)
Vignesh Dhanapal (Email)
ISE 2014 Engineering Economy Mengqi Shen (Email)
Nastaran Khalili (Email)
Ramin Salman Roughani (Email)
ISE 2024 Probability Foundations ISEs Chaoran Dou (Email)
Maede Maftouni (Email)
Yongchun Li (Email)
ISE 2034 Data Management for ISEs Luying Sun (Email)
Qing Ye (Email)
Yingyan Zeng (Email)
ISE 2214 Manufacuturing Process Lab Yingqiu Zhang (Email)
Mohammad Hashemian (Email)
Richard Greatbatch (Email)
Xiaoyu Chen (Email)
ISE 2404 DOR I Hussein El Hajj (Email)
Marie Rabil (Email)
Seonghun Park (Email)
Course Name
ISE 3004 Industrial Cost Control Manjot Singh (Email)
Raghav Gnanasambandam (Email)
ISE 3034 Technical Communication for Engineers Sandeep Sangha (Email)
ISE 3424 Discrete-Event Computer Simulation Lening Wang (Email)
Seyedey Parshin Shojaee (Email)
Sumin Kang (Email)
ISE 3614 Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics Mark Hollister (Email)
Nastaran Khalili (Email)
Shiyu Deng (Email)
Wally Morris (Email)
ISE 3624 Industrial Ergonomics Dan Liang (Email)
Jessica Aviles (Email)
Course Name
ISE 4006 Proj Mgmt & Sys Design II John Flittner (Email)
Kimberly Harry (Email)
ISE 4204 PPIC Andrew Hartley (Email)
Hannah Cunningham (Email)
Junru Zhang (Email)
ISE 4264 Industrial Automation Blake Andersen (Email)
ISE 4304 Global Issues in Industrial Management Farshad Farkhondehmaal (Email)
ISE 4624 Work Physiology Youngjae Lee (Email)
ISE 4654 Principles of Industrial Hybiene Manhua Wang (Email)
Course Name
ISE 5134 Management Information Systems Tatiana Daychman (Email)
ISE 5174 Engineering Program and Project Management Tatiana Daychman (Email)
ISE 5406 Optimization II Cheol Hei Lee (Email)
ISE 5414 Random Process Kartik Kulkarni (Email)
ISE 5454 Production Planning and Control Vignesh Dhanapal (Email)
ISE 5624 Human Factors Research Design Saman Madinei (Email)