Spring 2018 Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Assignments

Office*= Durham Hall, W = Whittemore Hall, NVC = Northern Virginia Center

Course Name Office*
ISE 2004
Intro to ISE
Kimberly Harry W560
ISE 2014
Eng Econ
Yingqui Zhang
ISE 2214
Mfg Proc Lab
Richard Greatbatch W562
ISE 2404
Det OR I
Hussein El Hajj D214
ISE 3414
Prob OR
Guangrui Xie D112
ISE 3434
Wenjing Wang D216
ISE 3614
Intro to HF
Saman Madinei W514
Course Name Office*
ISE 2014
Eng Econ
Wenjing Wang D216
ISE 2034
Data Mgmt
Yingqui Zhang W559
ISE 3214
Kartik Kulkarni D114
ISE 3424
Saloumeh Sadeghzadeh D210
ISE 2404 Maede Maftouni D236