Spring 2019 Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Assignments

Office*= Durham Hall, W = Whittemore Hall, NVC = Northern Virginia Center

Course Name Office*
ISE 2004
Intro to ISE
S. Saloumeh Sadeghzadeh
ISE 2014
Eng Econ
Kimberly Harry W560
ISE 2014
Maede Maftouni D110
ISE 2014 Anirudh More W536F
ISE 2034
Data Mgmt for ISEs
Farshad Farkhondehmaal W514
ISE 2034 Alireza Ebrahimvandi D210
ISE 2034 Abhimanyu Chauhan W536F
ISE 2204
Manuf Proc
Yuxin Tong D112
ISE 2214
Manuf Proc Lab
Richard Greatbatch W562
ISE 2214 Seyed Mohammad Hashemian D212
ISE 2214 Bo Shen
ISE 2214 Manjot Singh D108
ISE 2404
Det OR I
Nastaran Khalili D236
ISE 2404 Yutong Zhang W550
Course Name Office*
ISE 304
Ind Cost Control
Hesam Mahmoudi D106
ISE 3214
Fac Plan & Log
Yongchun Li D212
ISE 3214 Sandeep Sangha W536F
ISE 3214 Ning-Yuan Liu D212
ISE 3424
Discrete-Event Sim
Xiaoyu Chen W553
ISE 3424 Guangrui Xie D112
ISE 3614
Intro to HF Eng
Jessica Aviles W554
ISE 3614 Saman Madinei W519K
ISE 3614 Hanjun Park W562
Course Name Office*
ISE 4006
Proj Mgmt & Sys Design II
Alireza Ebrahimvandi D210
ISE 4006 Alexandria "Alli" Rossi-Alvarez
ISE 4006 Melissa Tilashalski
ISE 4214
Lean Manuf
Jihoon Chung
ISE 4214
Qing Lan
ISE 4214 Junru Zhang D112
ISE 4264
Ind Automation
Andrew Law D106
ISE 4264
Chenang Liu D114
ISE 4304
Global Issues in Ind Mgmt
Ruchik Thaker D216
ISE 4404
Abhimanyu Chauhan W536F
ISE 4004 Ning-Yuan Liu D212
ISE 4004 Ngoc Nguyen
ISE 4624
Work Physiology
Hanjun Park W562
ISE 4654
Principles Ind Hygiene
Julia Leeds
ISE 4984
Comp Coll Decision Policy
Negar Darabi W553
STAT 4105
Theoretical Stat
Kartik Kulkarni D114
STAT 4105 S. Saloumeh Sadeghzadeh
STAT 4105 Supan Shah D216
Course Name Office*
ISE 5016
Mgmt Change, Innov & Prf II
Negar Darabi
ISE 5134
Mgmt Info Systems
Taylan Topcu NVC
ISE 5174
Eng Prog and Proj Mgmt
Taylan Topcu NVC