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Graduate Students and GTAs

Spring 2022 Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Assignments

Course Name
ISE 2004 Intro to ISE Maryam Rahimi Movassagh (Email)
ISE 2014 Engineering Economy Ann Osi (Email)
Fatemeh Sadjadpour (Email)
Kimberly Harry (Email)
Parshin Shojaee (Email)
ISE 2024 Probability Foundations for ISE Chihab Nadri (Email)
Hannah Cunningham (Email)
Yongchun Li (Email)
ISE 2034 Data Mgmt for ISE Maryam Rahimi Movassagh (Email)
Po-Yu Chen (Email)
Ramin Salman Roughani (Email)
ISE 2214 Manufacuturing Processes Lab Ezgi Kucukdeger (Email)
Mengqi Shen (Email)
Richard Greatbatch (Email)
Yingyan Zeng (Email)
ISE 2404 DOR I Nan Jiang (Email)
Po-Yu Chen (Email)
Seonghun Park (Email)
Shiyu Deng (Email)
Course Name
ISE 3004 Ind Cost Control Fatemeh Sadjadpour (Email)
Prabin Paneru (Email)
ISE 3424 Simulation Daniel Elkins (Email)
Jingtao Zhang (Email)
Kartik Kulkarni (Email)
Parshin Shojaee (Email)
Shiyu Deng (Email)
ISE 3614 Human Factors Eng. and Ergonomics Abhraneil Dam (Email)
Saman Jamshid Nezhad Zahabi (Email)
ISE 3624 Industrial Ergonomics Gabrielle Ferro (Email)
Youngjae Lee (Email)
Course Name
ISE 4006 Project Mgt System Design Ozan Sert (Email)
Obinna Ugwu (Email)
ISE 4204 PPIC Akshat Kothyari (Email)
Luying Sun (Email)
ISE 4264 Industrial Automation Ruochen Wang (Email)
ISE 4304 Global Issues in Industrial Mgmt Mohammad Beigi (Email)
ISE 4654 Principles of Industrial Hygiene Daniel Neira Gonzalez (Email)
Kian Babaei Shalmani (Email)
ISE 4984 Machine Learning Tim Lutz (Email)
Course Name
ENGR 5204 Systems Eng. Projects Tatiana Daychman (Email)
ISE 5134 Mgmt Info Systems Kartik Kulkarni (Email)
ISE 5244 Fac Plan & Matl Handling Sandeep Sangha (Email)
ISE 5414 Random Processes Tatiana Daychman (Email)
ISE 5434 Project Evaluation Tim Lutz (Email)
ISE 5624 HF Research Design Anirudh More (Email)
ISE 5644 HUman Aud & Aud Disp Des Anirudh More (Email)
ISE 5804 Fundamentals of SE Sandeep Sangha (Email)
ISE 5984 Machine Learning Tim Lutz (Email)