Douglas R. Bish

Associate Professor
  • Secondary Appointment - Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

Douglas R. Bish

Douglas R. Bish
Douglas R. Bish
207 Durham Hall
(MC 0118)
1145 Perry Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061

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Short Bio

My research interests are on the application of operations research and related techniques to solve problems in healthcare, disaster management, and logistics.  I was the recipient of the INFORMS Pierskalla award for the best paper in healthcare and the National Science Foundation CAREER award.  I have research funding from the National Science Foundation and Carilion Clinic, among others.  I teach courses on optimization and logistics.

  • Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech
  • M.S., Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Northwestern University
  • M.S., BioMedical Engineering, Northwestern University
  • B.S., Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Cal Poly, SLO

Students marked by *

  1. El-Amine, H., E.K. Bish, and D.R. Bish (2017) Robust post-donation blood screening under limited information on prevalence rates. Operations Research. 
    Finalist for the 2015 INFORMS Pierskalla Award for the Best Paper in Healthcare.
    Read about this paper on INFORMS In Case You Missed It.
  2. Pereira*, V.C. and Bish, D.R. (2014) “Scheduling and routing for a bus-based evacuation with constant evacuee arrival rates,” Transportation Science doi:10.1287/trsc.2014.0555.
  3. Bish, E.K., Ragavan*, P.K., Bish, D.R., Slonim, A.D., Stramer, S.L. (2014) “A probabilistic method for the estimation of residual risk in donated blood,” Biostatistics 15(4): 620-635, doi: 10.1093/biostatistics/kxu017.
  4. Bish, D.R., Bish, E.K., Xie*, S.R., and Stramer, S. (2014) “Going beyond "ame-for-all" testing of infectious agents in donated blood,” IIE Transactions 46(11):1147-1168.
    Received 2016 Best Applications Paper Award in IIE Transactions: Operations Engineering and Analytics
  5. Bish, D.R., Agca*, E., and Glick, R. (2014). Decision support for hospital evacuation and emergency response. Annals of Operations Research 221(1):89-106.
  6. Bish, D.R., Chamberlayne*, E.P., and Rakha, H.A., (2013) “Optimizing network flows with congestion-based flow reductions,” Networks and Spatial Economics 13(3):283-306.
  7. Bish, D.R. and Sherali, H.D., (2013) “Aggregate-level demand management in evacuation planning,” European Journal of Operational Research, 224(1):79-92.
  8. Bish, E.K., Zeng, X., Liu, J., and Bish, D.R., (2012) “Comparative statics analysis of multi-product newsvendor networks under responsive pricing,” Operations Research 60(5):1111-1124.
  9. Bish, D.R., Bish, E.K., Xie*, R., and Slonim, A.D. (2011) “Optimal selection of screening assays for infectious agents in donated blood,” IIE Transactions on Healthcare 1(2): 67-90.
    Winner of the 2011 INFORMS Pierskalla Award for the Best Paper in Healthcare.
  1. Principal Investigator, “Planning decision support tools for large-scale pediatric emergencies,” Carilion Clinic.
  2. Principal Investigator, “CAREER: Decision support models for hospital and regional evacuations,” National Science Foundation.
  3. Co-Principal Investigator, “Optimal blood screening strategies for infectious agents: Mathematical models and decision support tools,” National Science Foundation.
  4. Principal Investigator, “Optimization-based decision support tools for hospital evacuations,” Carilion Clinic.
  5. Principal Investigator, “Evacuation planning with demand management,” National Science Foundation.
  • ISE 4424 – Logistics Engineering.
  • ISE 5405 – Optimization I.
  • ISE 6404 – Graph Theory and Network Flows.
  • Member, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
  • Member, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE)

Hrayer Aprahamian, Sophia Ulman, and Rongxuan Wang earned Torgersen Graduate Research Awards (May 2018)

ISE faculty and students receive multiple awards at INFORMS Annual Meeting (October 2017)

ISE Faculty and Staff recognized for combined 180 years of service (June 2017)

Drs. Douglas and Ebru Bish received 2016 Best Applications Paper Award in IIE Transactions: Operations Engineering and Analytics (February 2016)

Hadi El-Amine was Finalist for the Pierskalla Award for the Best Paper at INFORMS 2015 (January 2016)

Hadi El-Amine is the 2015 Bonder Scholar (September 2015)

"Creating Safer Blood Products" project was published on NSF's Science, Engineering & Education (SEE) Innovation site.

Research work on safe and effective post-donation blood screening practices was featured in the October 2014 issue of Institute of Industrial Engineer’s (IIE) Industrial Engineer magazine

Research [Industrial Engineer] (October 2014)

Virginia Tech researcher seeks to improve emergency hospital, community evacuations (April 2011)