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Hanif D. Sherali

University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dr. Hanif D. Sherali

Hanif D. Sherali

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Research Accomplishments

Analyzing problems and designing algorithms for specially structured linear, nonlinear, and integer programs arising in various applications, global optimization methods for nonconvex programming problems, location and transportation theory and applications, economic and energy mathematical modeling and analysis.

  • Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1979
  • M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1977
  • B.S., Bombay University, 1975

  • Optimization I & II
  • Integer Programming
  • Graph Theory and Network Flows
  • Advanced Topics in Mathematical Programming
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  1. Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation: “Integrated Operations Planning Models and Algorithms for the Airline Industry.”   Period: 7/08 - 7/12.  
  2. Co-Principal Investigator (with S. C. Sarin), National Science Foundation: “Primary Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Scheduling and Related Problems.” Period: 5/09 – 10/12.
  3. Co-Principal Investigator (with Y. T. Hou), National Science Foundation: “Cross-Layer Optimization for Video Transport in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.” Period: 9/09 - 9/12.
  4. Principal Investigator (Collaborative Research with W. P. Adams), National Science Foundation: “Reformulation-Linearization Technique for Discrete and Continuous Nonconvex Optimization with Applications.” Period: 5/10 – 5/13.
  5. Co-Principal Investigator (with Y. T. Hou and S. F. Midkiff), National Science Foundation: “NeTS-Medium: Throughput Optimization for Cooperative Relaying in Wireless Networks.” Period: 7/11 – 7/14.

Have consulted or performed joint research with 33 companies, organizations, agencies, and institutions.

  • Present and past editorial duties: Optimization Area Editor of Operations Research; Area Editor and Associate editor of IIE Transactions ; Present: Associate Editor and Editorial Board Member of Operations Research Letters, Journal of Global Optimization, Optimization Letters, Nonconvex Optimization and its Applications, Informatica, Computers and Operations Research, Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering, and Aligarh Journal of Statistics (Optimization Area).
  • Prize committees and conference cluster chair and organizer on numerous occasions.