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Missions in 2016-2017 academic year

The VT-INFORMS chapter aims to stimulate interest in the fields of Operations Research, Manufacturing Systems and Processes, and Management Sciences, as well as to provide professional development opportunities for students in ISE and other related programs at Virginia Tech. The Chapter seeks to be a platform for students and faculty to get familiar with research and industry professionals.

The goals of the INFORMS officers are to:

  1. Foster research collaboration within the department and across other related departments.
  2. Create potential research collaborations between the department and industry.
  3. Provide professional development workshops for graduate students.
  4. Allow graduate students to grow their professional network with industry.
  5. Help prepare graduate students for both the academic and industrial job markets.
  6. Enhance the sense of community within the department.

We won an INFORMS 2016 Student Chapter Annual Award

Our INFORMS Chapter has been selected as a winner of the INFORMS 2016 Student Chapter Annual Award at the Magna Cum Laude level.  The Student Awards Ceremony was held on November 14, 2016 at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN.

INFORMS hosted Panel Discussion on Academic Job Search Process

We hosted a panel discussion with five ISE faculty members (Drs. Eileen Van Aken, Brian Kleiner, Blake Johnson, Divya Srinivasan, and Manish Bansal) on November 7, 2016. The panel discussed the academic job search, application materials, interview, and dos and don’ts associated with the whole process. The session brought together the perspective and experience of faculty members who have successfully been through the academic job search process in recent years and the perspective of faculty members who have been involved in reviewing job applications and making hiring decisions.

Panel Discussion on Academic Job Application and Interview Process

Panel Discussion on Academic Job Application and Interview Process
INFORMS hosted a panel discussion on academic job search process. Faculty panelists were (from left) Drs. Brian Kleiner, Eileen Van Aken, Manish Bansal, Divya Srinivasan, and Blake Johnson.

Weekly Seminars in Fall 2016 Semester

Plans for Spring 2017

We have the following events planned or scheduled for Spring 2017 semester.

  • Invite 2 industry speakers.
  • Organize 2 educational workshops on topics such as CPLEX, LaTeX, Simio, data analytics.
  • Continue to organize weekly research seminars.
  • Host a social event celebrating the diversity of the ISE graduate student community.

For more information about the VT Student Chapter of INFORMS, please contact one of the INFORMS officers. 

Mohammed Shafae, President, PhD Candidate in Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Hrayer Aprahamian, Chief Financial Officer, PhD Candidate in Operations Research

Jie Zhang, Chief Marketing Officer, PhD Candidate in Operations Research