Twelve ISE undergraduate students attended the IISE Annual Conference in May 2016, which was held at the Disneyland Resort Hotel in Anaheim, CA.  The Virginia Tech IISE Student Chapter organized the Student Track at the 2015 annual conference, and this year, our students were again asked to assist with developing and implementing the Student Track at the 2016 conference.  Students participated in the many professional development and networking opportunities that the annual conference provides, such as: meeting industry professionals, meeting leaders within the Institute to learn more about volunteer opportunities and benefits for young professionals, sharing information with student leaders from other university chapters and learning about potential best practices, and learning about what employers are looking for in their recruiting and hiring. Student travel to the conference was made possible by the ISE Excellence Fund.

Student testimonials:

Collen Ferlotti (Junior)

"My time at the IISE Annual Conference represented the most fun, productive days of my college career thus far. I was able to not only get to know fellow peers, faculty, and professionals from my own school, but got the opportunity to be exposed to students and professionals from across the nation. One of the most beneficial portions of the trip was the Student Track. As attendees, we were fortunate to receive advice on interviewing, resumes, and networking from some of the most renowned ISE Professionals in the industry. In addition, I will never forget the feeling I had when the Vice President of Attractions for Disneyland gave a keynote on the aspects of ISE that have played into his career. Hearing those words inspired me to find my own unique career path and continue to look for the life skills that the pursuit of my degree allows me to develop."

Davin Fitts (Senior)

"I was honored to be able to go to the IISE Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA this past year. First off I love how our department offers conferences like these and help us financially to develop our professional skills nationwide. In Anaheim I was able to network with professionals, teachers, and students which was one of the most memorable events. I also enjoyed many of the guest speakers as they allowed me to have a new insight on Industrial Engineering and what it all entails."

Madeline Anderson (Senior)

"This was my 3rd IISE Annual Conference and each year, I finish the conference feeling like my knowledge has been enhanced. Through conferences I have met established ISE leaders in the companies I have worked for, networked with student chapter leaders and other professionals, and expanded my understanding of what the ISE profession means and its breadth of application. There is no good way to put into words the value I find in attending the annual conference, but it is what I look forward to at the end of each academic year."

Chris Macaulay (Senior)

"The IISE Annual Conference in Anaheim, California was absolutely amazing. Being able to network with students from other schools and professionals in the working world was fantastic. I was fortunate enough to be able to take a behind the scenes tour of Disney World and it was eye opening. I can’t believe how much goes into the most magical place on earth."

Lauren Schwartz (Senior)

"I enjoyed learning about the innovations and applications of industrial engineering techniques in non-traditional IE areas. I loved having the opportunity to see industrial engineering in practice by going to the Home Depot plant tour and a behind the scenes tour of the park."

Tianxiang Chen (Class of 2016)

"It was my first time being at a major academic conference, and also my first time making a presentation in one. The Keynote speech and factory tours were all informative, showing the latest developments in the field, providing me with critical information when I chose my direction of graduate study in August. My favorite events of the conference were the networking events and the student competition."