ISE 2004 facility tours
ISE Excellence Fund provided all transportation costs for the plant/facility tours that were part of the Intro to ISE (ISE 2004) course in Fall 2016: (from left) Foxguard Solutions, Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, and Backcountry Warehouse.

In order to provide flexible funds to support a variety of needs, the ISE Department established a permanent endowment fund in 2007 called the Excellence Fund (EF). Gifts to the EF are not spent in the current year but are invested through the VT Foundation. The ISE Department spends only the associated earnings from this investment each year—thus, the EF provides a means to invest in the future.  With this fund, we seek to create a culture of giving by asking alumni and friends of ISE to make an annual gift to the EF. This fund has steadily grown and generates financial resources for activities that we cannot support through state funding. The EF remains our greatest priority for giving.

In recent years, the majority of EF earnings have been used for student opportunities.  For example,  this past year, the EF made possible the following:

  • Travel and registration costs for 55 ISE students to attend regional, national, and international conferences;
  • Transportation cost for all 177 new sophomores to attend one of five plant/facility tours as part of ISE 2004: Intro to ISE course (shown above);
  • Support for the ISE Ambassador Program (30 members), Institute of Industrial and  Systems Engineers (165 members), and Alpha Pi Mu (70 members).

We would like to thank each of our donors to the Excellence Fund for their generosity. All those who have contributed to the fund are shown below, with those making contributions in 2015 and 2016 in bold.

Adams, Michael & Brenda

Adkins, Roger & Mary

Arnold, Richard

Arnold, Joseph

Askew, Tom

Bailey, Fred

Barbee, Doug & Chris

Birk, Lydia

Blanchard, Ben & Dot

Bothwell, Maria

Brannan, Rory & Jacqueline

Burzacchi, Sebastian & Kelly

Canada, John & Wanda

Casali, John

Cassady, Richard

Chachra, Vinod & Ranjana

Clarke, Jerry & Joan

Coffey, Mark

Cullinane, Thomas & Katherine

Davis, Darrell & Michelle

Deisenroth, Mike & Marilia

Deutsch, Andrew

Dick, Dan & Lynn

Doughty, Gary & Eleanor

Easterly, Mary Chris

Farls, Chris & Teresa

Finch, Robert

Fitzgerald, William & Vicki

Forbes, Charles & Patricia

Fulton, Steven

Fultz, Rodney

Gillespie, Megan Story

Gingrich, Peter

Grado, John & Corrie

Guynn, Jack

Harmon, Ken

Hepler, Clint & Nita

Horr, Jacob

Johnson, Christian

Jones, John & Lillian

Kerrick, Stanley

Klein, Dave & Christine

Kline, Jeffery

Kusterer, Joseph

Laman, Denise

Leclaire, Kevin & Jessica Oi

Leslie, Charles

Leung, Yiu

Lobik, Spencer

Long, David & Donna

Marchese, William & Kelly

Mayo, Trevor

McClelland, Robert & Mary

McKnight, John

Meier, Donald

Memmer, Peter

Meyers, Jared

Miller, Matthew & Holly

Monroe, Ellis

Montague, John

Montgomery, Doug & Cheryl

Mosby, Chris & Ann

Muscatello, Marty & Andrea

Norris, Jack

O’Brien, Charley & Betsy

Overby, Tom & Carolyn

Pannell, Rob

Patel, Morgan Blackwood

Polk, John & Marty

Porterfield, Robert & Nancy

Powers, Styron

Reynolds, III Edward J.

Ring, Bill & Sara

Rockwell, Chris & Sharon

Rusak, Jennifer & Mark

Sage, Don & Mary Etta

Sauer, Nancy & Ron

Smith, Jaime & Erika

Smith, Michael & Elizabeth

Smith-Jackson, Tonya & Curtis

Snelling, Steve

Spencer, William

Spitzer, Kirk & Leila

Spoeri, Laura

Stein, Anat & Michael

Stein, Gary & Doris

Stewart, Mona & Kevin

Sturek, David

Szabos, Brian & Kursten

Taylor, Bob & Connie

Taylor, Don & Jo Ellen

Torgersen, Paul & Dot

Van Aken, Eileen & Steve

van Luyn, Dutch & Trudy

Van Valkenburg, Sandra & John

Vetting, Matthew

Waldmiller, Anne

West, Reginald

Wood, Linda Stephenson

Worley, Hal & Thornie

For more information, please visit the Excellence Fund page on the ISE website.