Fall 2016 Advisory Board attendees

Fall 2016 Advisory Board attendees
The 2016-2017 Advisory Board members, along with Dr. Eileen Van Aken, Dr. John Shewchuk, and Student Representative Rachel Hensen, in front of Durham Hall during the Fall 2016 meeting.

In mid-October, the Alumni Advisory Board was lucky enough to spend a few days in Blacksburg and see a big win over Miami! As the Board's role has evolved and our members have become more diverse, spanning some of our most recent graduates to some of our most seasoned, we thought we should let you all - our alumni, students, and friends of the department - know what we are doing. 

Our Board is focused on action in a few areas: Alumni Communications & Engagement, Undergraduate Program & Student Engagement, and Friend- & Fund-raising.

Alumni Communications & Engagement

The Department has really been stepping up its game for our Alumni Events! We have been hosting events in Charlotte, Richmond, Roanoke / Christiansburg / Blacksburg, and in the National Capital Region. We have GREAT turnouts for these events which are casual events with networking / reconnecting with classmates and usually some current students. THANK YOU to Deloitte and Don Sage for sponsoring individual events in 2016.

Interested in coming? UPDATE your information on alumni.vt.edu so that we know where you live!  Interested in hosting?  Please contact Don Meier (Email).  We are looking for hosts in the Virginia Beach / Hampton Roads area and additional help in Charlotte.

Undergraduate Program & Student Engagement

The Board had the chance to meet with both the Senior Design class and the sophomore Intro to ISE class. Our students are SO impressive. The Board tries to meet with students each time we are in Blacksburg and we are looking for ways to deepen our relationships including connecting students with other alumni and participating in the Torgersen Leadership Summit to be held Spring 2017. Have ideas on what the alumni could do for you? Please let Eileen Van Aken, Interim Department Head (Email) know!

We also met with one of our newest professors & wow! Dr. Divya Srinivasan made us all want to stand up and move (not only because of her research on health but her enthusiasm!)

Friend & Fundraising

Did you know that more than four in 10 (42%) Virginia Tech graduates are emotionally attached to their alma mater, which is more than double the average of all college graduates nationwide (18%) (source: The Gallup-Purdue Index Report, 2015-08)?  Yet, only 9% of our graduates donate to the University annually (13% for engineering graduates). The Advisory Board is supporting the efforts of the ISE Department through encouraging better communications with our alumni, students, and friends, hosting events for our alumni, and through personal donations from the Board.

We encourage ALL our alumni, students, and friends to give. Something as small as $10 goes to help pay for ISE polo shirts for our ambassadors, food for student events, or travel costs to send our students to academic conferences.  Our greatest needs are for the Excellence Fund which supports our students. Information on giving can be found:  http://ise.vt.edu/about/giving/excellence-fund.html

That's all until Spring, but we would love to hear from you. Please email us with thoughts / suggestions / or your interest in getting involved!  Forward the Newsletter main page to friends and have them subscribe to the newsletter by emailing their information to Dot Cupp (Email).

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Morgan Blackwood Patel, ISE BS '02
Advisory Board Chair

Christian Johnson, ISE BS '90, MS '92
Advisory Board Chair - Elect