The ISE Ambassadors had a very successful year overall, with many recruitment, service, and social events leading to the future looking bright! In the Fall 2016 semester, the Ambassadors hosted International Night and got to hear from a variety of different students from their host nations and/or nations they have studied abroad in. In addition to International night, ISE Trick-or-Treat was a terrific event, allowing dozens of students to interact with faculty, dress up in costumes, and get candy! The Advisory Board Q&A had a great turnout, with plenty of students coming by to ask their own questions about industry, professionalism, and more. Our student-led focus groups allowed the department to continue to hear directly from students. The recruitment scene continued to show promise, as we rounded out the semester with the Freshmen Information Session, Major’s Fair, Open House, and our high school recruitment, all of which provided evidence of a growing interest in ISE.

In the Spring 2017 semester, recruitment was fast and consistent. Hokie Preview, Hokie Focus, Open House, Rising Sophomore Information Session, and various individual high school student visits kept us busy with the potential new ISE’s. Along with the recruitment activities, our Community Involvement Committee completed their yearlong service projects, Turner Trash collection and Jamba Juice queueing. These projects each resulted in a success and have shown/will continue to show improvements. Finally, our fundraising efforts for Relay for Life have been consistent throughout the year, from raising money through the football game parking fundraisers in the fall to percentage nights, dessert raffles, t-shirt fundraisers, and a March madness bracket challenge in the spring. These collective fundraisers have helped the ISE Ambassadors and the department reach our fundraising goal for the year, but we are not done yet. After just recently selecting our new Ambassadors and new leadership, we turn our heads to next year and wave goodbye to our graduating Ambassadors.