Mr. James (Jim) L. Sowder

Director, Technology & Engineering, Northrop Grumman

Mr. Sowder brings over 30 years of experience as a project manager, systems architect, and software engineer on advanced information system projects and research efforts. Jim provides technological and strategic guidance, formulates technical solutions to customer problems, and assesses the technological needs of his organization. He provides direction and advice to Independent Research and Development (IR&D) efforts and serves in a review and consultative capacity for numerous federal civilian agency projects and proposals. Jim promotes organizational participation in various engineering talent development programs, has expanded University participation in research efforts, and has become a requested resource in the conduct of Sector priority Non-Advocate Reviews (NAR).

Jim is an active participant in business development and customer-focused meetings to understand current and evolving customer issues, and works collaboratively with program personnel to identify and apply the resources to address these customer needs. Jim has performed numerous complex system requirements, architecture, and performance studies.

Jim holds the position of Northrop Grumman Technical Fellow (Emeritus). He has previously served as Principal Investigator on three distinguished IR&D projects; has twice been nominated for the Chairman's and President's Award for Innovation; once receiving the President's award. He was selected by the National Academy of Engineering as a ‘Frontiers of Engineering’ participant. Jim is a patent recipient in the area of cyber security and virus threat detection.

His customers have included the Dept. of Defense, classified U.S. Government agencies, Dept. of State, NASA, and the IRS.

Jim received a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Virginia Tech.

Mr. James (Jim) L. Sowder

Mr. James (Jim) L. Sowder
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