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Advisory Board

The ISE Advisory Board during the Fall 2023 meeting.

The purpose of the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Department Advisory Board is to provide the department with guidance in regard to undergraduate and graduate curricula, the research needs of industry, and overall direction. At their meetings members of the board regularly interact with both the students and faculty through formal briefings and informal social gatherings. The Advisory Board has been instrumental in assisting the department in obtaining named professorships, endowed undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, and critically needed equipment. They have also had a major impact on the department's development and curricula.

Members of the Advisory Board are distributed between alumni and non-alumni, and Virginia based industry and other industry from around the country. Some of our board members represent major recruiters of Grado ISE students. New board members are selected by the current board for five year terms. The board elects a chairman every two years. Four members of the Grado ISE faculty serve as ad hoc members.

History of the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board was initiated during the 1972-73 academic year while Dr. Marvin H. Agee was department head. The board meets twice a year to provide leadership and guidance to the ISE Department. We appreciate the valuable service our board members provide.

Current Members: