Mark A. Howard

Research Faculty


Major Responsibilities

  • Program Management
  • Software Engineering, Design and Development
  • Information System Development and Maintenance
  • Database and Information System Development and Maintenance

B.S., Virginia Tech, 1983

  • Information Management System Analysis, Design and Support; DOE
  • Design System Enhancements; National Wood Pallet and Container Association
  • Global Security Engagement and Cooperation Management Information System; DOE
  • Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention; DOE
  • OSP Proposal System; VT OSP
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Physical Inventory Taking CBT Course; IAEA and DOE
  • Nuclear Cities Initiative Support FY 04 — FY 06; DOE
  • Interdepartmental Special Training Center - Equipment Database Support; DOE
  • Russian Methodological Training Center Support; DOE
  • Research and Implement Network Solution; Polymer Solutions, Inc.
  • Review of Software Development; NAC International, Inc.
  • Departmental Encumbrance, Projection and Reporting Tool (DEPART); VT
  • Government and Lumber
  • 540-231-3510
  • 519D Whittemore Hall
    (MC 0118)
    1185 Perry Street
    Blacksburg, VA 24061