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In memoriam: Ben Selvey, former business manager in industrial and systems engineering

Ben Selvey
Ben Selvey

Ben E. Selvey, who served as the industrial and systems engineering (ISE) business manager from approximately 1983-1995, passed away on Friday, January 29, 2021. After graduating from Concord College in Athens, West Virginia, Ben spent the majority of his career at Virginia Tech in various aspects of financial management.

Prior to coming to ISE, Ben was an accounts manager in the Research Division. Upon arrival in ISE, Ben completely revamped the department’s accounting systems for all operations, which at that time included two very large contingents at the Corporate Research Center. He was a great asset to the faculty, assisting them with budget preparation for proposals as well as grant and contract management.

Ben also became very involved with the ISE Advisory Board and close friends with several prominent ISE alumni. His quick sense of humor and friendly demeanor endeared him to ISE’s faculty, staff and alumni, and he kept in touch with the department well after his retirement in 1995.   

Selvey’s full obituary is available here.  

Written by John Grado Professor John G. Casali