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Support Team Email Addresses

Please use the following email addresses when communicating with ISE staff for the following issues: - To submit a purchase request or question and travel reimbursement requests. – To submit payroll questions and funding changes for wage or GRA positions. – To submit general office questions and requests, e.g. room reservations, maintenance issues, printing/shredding, (items previously handled by Rhonda), etc. - To submit a ticket for computer support or assistance. 

Student Appointments

To request a GRA appointment:

            Your student will be provided with a payroll form package by email.

To request a wage appointment:

            Your prospective employee will be provided with a payroll form package by email. 

Please keep the following in mind when requesting positions:

  • Student wage positions are available only to currently enrolled students. For summer appointments the individuals need to be returning in the fall in order to be eligible for a student wage position.
  • Graduate students who have defended are not eligible for student wage positions.
  • Individuals who are not eligible for student wage positions can be given an emergency hire position. A criminal history check must be performed before an individual can work in an emergency hire position. This may add a few days to the start date for that position.
  • Individuals who are new to the payroll system must complete their paperwork with Nicole BEFORE they perform any work in that position.
  • Questions concerning payroll positions can be sent to


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