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Educational Opportunties

Alumna Elise Foster giving a presentation at the 2019 Torgersen Leadership Summit

The next generation will benefit from your expertise and direction. There are numerous opportunities to make certain that our future leaders do not make their journey alone.

Guest Lectures in ISE Courses

  • ISE 4004 Theory of Organization (Leadership, Organizational Change, Decision making, Ethics); taught every fall semester as an elective (~140 ISE, CEE, and Building Construction students).
  • ISE 4015 Management Systems Theory, Application and Design (Process Improvement, Lean Management, Quality Management, Decision Analysis); taught every fall semester as an elective (40-50 students).
  • ISE 4005-6 Project Management & System Design I, II (Project Management, Stakeholder Management/Communication, Change Management); taught each Fall-Spring as required (190 students).


  • Presentations about a specific IE tool, methodology, or concept; organized through the IISE student chapter.

Presentation at Torgersen Leadership Summit

  • A variety of presentations sought on topics related to leadership and professional development. The next Torgersen Leadership Summit will be held in February 2021.

If you would like to volunteer your time to share your knowledge and experience with students, please email us!