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Your gift supports the future of industrial and systems engineering!

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At the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, we recognize that our faculty and students have the talent to help make the world become more productive, safer, and efficent.

In the classroom we're consistently providing a world-class engineering education to our students that we believe will serve as a foundation for success throughout their lives. In our labs we are pioneering new advances in important areas such as manufacturing systems, human factors and ergonomics, management systems, and operations research.

But cultivating such an environment demands resources. Many of our research and educational endeavors would not be possible without help from our former students and friends of the department.

Your gift to the department:

  • Helps ensure others have the same opportunity to get a quality education
  • Helps maintain our nationally-recognized standards of educational excellence
  • Helps the department keep pace with the constantly changing advancements in technologies
  • Helps fund scholarships for deserving students in need
  • Helps play a vital role in the discoveries that revolutionize our lives and set in motion new ideas and new discoveries
  • Helps foster a scholarly and professional environment that enables faculty, students and staff to make lasting contributions to the advancement of knowledge, the creative and innovative practice of engineering, and improvement of the quality of life for society as a whole

In order to provide flexible funds to support a variety of needs, the ISE Department established a permanent endowment fund in 2007 called the Excellence Fund. Gifts to this fund are not spent in the current year but are invested through the Virginia Tech Foundation. The Department spends only the associated earnings from this investment each year—thus, the Excellence Fund provides a means to invest in the future.  With this fund, we seek to create a culture of giving by asking alumni and friends of ISE to make an annual gift to the Excellence Fund. This fund has steadily grown and generates financial resources for activities that we cannot support through state funding. The Excellence Fund remains our greatest priority for giving.

To support this area of greatest need, we have initiated a permanent operational endowment fund and we are steadily building the endowment, primarily with small gifts. Thus, funding provided for our operational endowment is not expended this year, but in fact is put into the operational endowment to provide our department with a brighter future for perpetuity. To aid us in soliciting funds for this endowment, we commissioned the Excellence Fund sculpture, which has been installed on the wall in Durham Hall right outside the departmental offices. 

  • Go to the VT secure online pledge form
  • Under Select an area drop down menu – Select College of Engineering
  • Under Select a fund drop down menu – Select Other
  • Under Designation type in –  ISE Excellence Fund: 860130 

There are three ways to give monetary gifts to ISE:  mail a checkset up EFT, or using VT secure online pledge form.


1. Mail a check to the ISE Department 

Checks should be made out to "Virginia Tech Foundation" with either (i) "ISE Department General/Annual Fund: 881239" or (ii) "ISE Department Excellence Fund: 860130" in the memo line.


2.   Set up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Please request an EFT form from VT Gift Accounting at:

(540) 231-2801 or toll free 1(800) 533-1144

Once you receive the form, please fill it out and send it back with a voided check.


3. Use Virginia Tech secure online pledge form

You can make a pledge to ISE by using the Virginia Tech online secure pledge form.  Pledge payments can be made by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express).

Please go to the VT secure online pledge form and select "College of Engineering" from the drop-down menu and then designate "Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering."

Become a Gold, Silver, or Brozne Sponsor

Annual contributions to support the 'ISE Excellence Fund' and/or the 'ISE Annual Fund" at the three levels are: 

  • Gold: Minimum contribution of $5,000 annually
  • Silver: Minimum contribution of $2,500 annually
  • Bronze: Minimum contribution of $1,000 annually

Sponsors who meet the qualificatoins will have their names prominately displayed on digital signage outside of the main office in Durham Hall.