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Academy of Distinguished Alumni

ISE academy of distinguished Alumni 2022
Academy of Distinguished Alumni, new and prior inductees, at the 2023 ISE Awards Ceremony

The Academy of Distinguished Alumni was established by the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Virginia Tech and its Advisory Board on October 14, 1993. Thirty‑eight charter member alumni were inducted and the Marvin H. Agee Distinguished Alumni Award was presented posthumously to Marvin Agee, who, as ISE department head in the early 1970's, founded the ISE Advisory Board. Since its inauguration, the Academy has steadily developed into a group of recognized leaders in the field who have served their profession and society with distinction.

The Academy of Distinguished Alumni

* Deceased

Name Class Title Company Inducted
Abrams, Warren E.* 1950 President Warren Elliott Associates 1993
Alexander, Suraj M. MS 1972, Ph.D. 1976 Professor & Chair University of Louisville 2019
Allnutt, Robert F. BS IE 1957
JD LAW 1 1960
LIM LAW 1962
Executive Vice President Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Assoc.
Arnold, Richard M. BS IE 1956 Consultant General Board of Global Ministries of the UMC 1999
Artis, Sharnnia BS 2002
PhD 2007
Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion;
Cheif Diversity Officer
George Mason University 2023
Askew, Thomas E. BS IE 1971 Senior Associate Partnership Staffing, Inc.
Richmond, VA
Bachmann, John A. BS IE 1965
MS IE 1968
PhD IE 1970
President Proteus Performance Group
Baker, Lawrence K.* 1957 Self Employed   2004
Balzer, Thomas R. BS IEOR 1983 Executive Vice President Balzer & Associates Inc 2012
Batt, Jerry R. BS 1972 Retired (Chief Information Officer) Pulte Homes 1998
Belz, Steven M. BS ISE 1995
MS 1997
PhD 2000
Director, Express Solutions Design AT&T, Austin, TX 2017
Bothwell, Maria BS 1990 CEO Toffler Associates 2019
Boward, Jill Johnson BS 1987, MS 1991 Executive Director Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy 2022
Brawner, Elwin I. BS IE 1966
MBA 1967 (not VT)
Chairman of the Board ICI Explosives, Inc. 1996
Brown, Charles J. III BS IE 1970
JD Law 1975 (not VT)
COO Newport Generation Ventures 1993
Buchanan, William G. Jr.* BS IE 1935
MS 1957
Associate Professor Virginia Tech 1999
Burns, Thomas C.* BS IE 1949 Chairman & Managing Director AIT/BAC New Zealand Ltd. 1993
Burrows, David H.* BS IE 1942 Chairman & CEO (Retired) Wiley N. Jackson Company 1993
Butts, Bennie J. Jr.* BS IE 1950 Adjunct Associate Professor (Retired) NC A&T University 1996
Campbell, Donald E.K. BS 1990 President Persona Medical 2019
Campbell, Fred T.* BS IE 1950 Past President Campbell & Associates, Inc. 1993
Campbell, W. John* BS IE 1953 President Tobacco Technologies Group 1993
Canada, John R.* BS IE 1957
MS IE 1961
Professor Emeritus
NC State University
Carpenito, Thomas A. 199 IT Çonsultant Self-employed 1996
Casali, John G. BS Psyc 1977
MS IE 1979
PhD IE 1982
John Grado Professor Virginia Tech
Cassady, Richard   University Distinguished Professor, IE University of Arkansas 2022
Casto, Kristen Ph.D. 2009 Colonel Medical Service Corps, US Army 2019
Chachra, Vinod MS IE 1968
PhD IE 1971
President-VTLS, Inc. (Retired)   1994
Chamberlayne, Ed PhD 2011 Vice President PRIME AE Group, INc. 2022
Chao, Betty PhD 1983 President & Chief Executive Officer Westech International, Inc. 2017
Chase, Tim BS 1986
MBA 1991
Principal (Retired) Deloitte Consulting, U.S. Government and Public Services Practice (GPS)  2023
Clarke, Gerald D. BS IE 1968 President and CEO (Retired) Energy Services Group 1993
Costan, George A.* BS 1936 Chairman of the Board (Retired) Southern Air, Inc. 1998
Cross, William S. Jr. BS IE 1941 CEO and Director (Retired) Cross Sales and Engr. Co. Inc. 1993
Cross, William S. Jr. BS IE 1941 CEO and Director (Retired) Cross Sales and Engr. Co. Inc. 1993
Davies, Charles W. Jr. BS IE 1971
BAD 1976
President and CEO (Retired) Tultex Corporation 1993
Davis, Darrell A. BS IEOR 1982 VP Six Sigma Empire-Today
Dick, Daniel M. BS IE 1970
MBA 1979
Director, Air Force Programs General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems 1998
Dingus, Thomas A. MS IEOR 1985
Director Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
Donehower, John W. BS IE 1969
MS IA 1971
Senior VP & CFO Kimberly Clark Corp.
Dryden, Robert D*   Dean of Engineering Portland State University
Egbelu, Pius J. MS IE OR 1979; PhD IEOR 1982 Distinguished Prof., Martin Tuchman School of Mgt New Jersey Institute of Technology 2018
Fields, Timothy Jr. BS IE 1970 Senior VP Marasco Newton Group, Ltd.
Forbes, Charles M.* BS IEOR 1949
MS EAD 1989
VP Development & University Relations University of Delaware 1994
Francis, Richard L.* BS IE 1960
MS IE 1962
Professor Emeritus
University of Florida
Frankfort, Phillip E.* BS IE 1940 Retired Union Camp Corp. 1993
Gallimore, Jennie PhD 1989 Dean College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering at Bowling Green State University 2023
Gillette, Leroy O.* BS IE 1947 Director or IE (Retired) Armstrong World Industries, Inc. 1993
Girod, Olivier A. PhD 1996 Federal Government Federal Government 2018
Goodall, Larry M. BS IE 1970
Attorney McGuire, Woods & Battle
Gordon, Charles O. Jr. BS IE 1969 Senior VP Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc.
Gordon, Charles O. Sr.* BS IE 1942 Chairman Bydand Corp. 1993
Gordon, Jack C. BS IEOR 1977
MBA BAD 1979
President Bydand Corp. 1993
Gower, Daniel W. PhD ISE 1992 Colonel (Retired) U.S. Army 2018
Grado, John* BS IEOR 1951 Chairman & CEO (Retired) Technographics, Inc. 1993
Grenville, Delia MS 1997, Ph.D. 2001 Director of Strategy Intel Corp. 2019
Guleri, Aditya Tim MS IE 1988 Managing Director Sierra Ventures
Gunter, Robert L. Jr.* MS 1992 Senior VP of Operations
Aircraft Carrier Program
Northrop Grumman Newport News 2006
Guynn, George C. ("Jack") BS IE 1964
President Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Hagan, C. Garland BS 1967 Corporate Executive Vice President (Retired) Sun Trust Bank 2018
Harrell, John C. BS IE 1963 President Suffolk Iron Works, Inc.
Harris, Leon P. BS IE 1964 President Keltech, Inc.
Hartman, Dale B.* BS IE 1950 President Cam-I 1993
Heflin, Dan H. Jr. 1953 Professional Engineer Heflin & Williams, Inc. 2004
Hickam, Homer H. Jr. BS IE 1964 Engineer (Retired) and Author NASA 1999
Hines, James E. ("Ed") Jr. BS IE 1969
Manufacturing VP (Retired) Lucent Technologies, Inc. 1999
Holland, Robert H. BS IEOR 1966
MS IEOR 1969
PhD IEOR 1972
President & Chairman Holland Systems Corp.
Hopkins, Oren E. Jr.* BS IE 1950 Former President The Coombs-Hopkins Company 2002
Ignizio, James P. PhD IEOR 1971 Manager, Modeling & Simulation Intel Corp. 2002
Jacobs, Jesse P. Jr.* BS IE 1949 USAF (Retired) Boeing Corp. 1998
Johnson, O.P.* BS IE 1952 President (Retired) L-TEC Welding & Cutting Systems 1993
Jones, James L. Jr. BS IE 1956 Patent Agent (Retired)   1998
Kates, Rebecca B. BS IEOR 1978
MS IE 1981
Owner Quality Consulting, LLC 2014
Keesee, Robin L. BS 1970
PhD 1976
Director, US Army Engr. Lab US Army Human Engr. Lab
Klages, Arthur C.* BS IE 1942 Vice President (Retired) Burlington Handbags, Inc. 1998
Klein, David H. BS IEOR 1983 Principal BTB Solutions, LLC
Kobza, John Ph.D. 1993 Department Head Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Tennessee 2019
Lane, Edward H. Jr.* BS 1937 Vice President The Lane Company 1998
Latimer, Barry A. BS IEOR 1971
MS IEOR 1972
President Whites Advertising, Inc.
Layne, Kevin E. BS IEOR 1983 President (Retired) Kollmorgen 2010
Leclaire, Kevin W. BS ISE 1995 Founder & Managing Director ISDR Consulting
Leslie, Charles E. BS IEOR 1956 President & Owner Embroidery by Chalaine
Levine, Robert H.* BS IE 1946 President Raleigh Junk Company 1993
Long, D. "Danny" Joe* BS IE 1956 Owner & President Regency Bedspread Mfg. Company
Lonker, Victoria R. BS 1987
MS 1992
Vice President of Global Network and Security Products (Retired) Verizon  2023
Luxhoj, James T. BS IEOR 1984
MS 1985
PhD 1986
Professor & Undergraduate Director ISE Department
Rutgers University
Mapp, Gordon A.* BS IE 1968 VP & General Manager Thermo King Corp.
Marchese, Kelly BS 1991 Pricinpal Deloitte Consulting 2023
Martin, Sharon Brickhouse MEA 88; BS 83 President and Founder Brickhouse Martin Healthcare Engineering 2022
McKnight, John R. BS ISE 1991 VP & General Manager Wyman-Gordon Forgings
McLellan, John S. BS IE 1963
President (Retired) Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems 1998
Medina-Borja, Alexandra MS ISE 1995
PhD 2002
Program Director National Science Foundation 2017
Meredith, Joseph W. Jr. PhD IE 1997 President Corporate Research Center
Miller, William T.* BS IE 1951 President RBI Corp. 2002
Minnich, John W. BS IEOR 1989 Former VP, H. B. Maynard & Co.
Current - Proprietor
Trio Wine, Beer and Cheese 2017
Monroe, Ellis P. BS IE 1956 President Monroe Sales Company, Inc.
Montague, John W. Jr. BS IE 1967
President and Founder (Reitred) John W. Montague, Jr., Inc. 2016
Montgomery, Douglas C. BS IE 1965
MS IE 1967
PhD IE 1969
Professor, Industrial Engineering Arizona State University
Moring, J. Frederick* BS IE 1957
Attorney & Partner Crowell & Moring

Mosby, Chris BS 1987 Chief Operating Officer  Kalwall 2023
Muscatello, Martin E. BS IEOR 1982
President & CEO CCS-Inc.
Myerholtz, Earl F.* BS IE 1948 Vice President TRW Inc. Indus. Prod. Group 1993
Neely, C. Alexander BS IE 1973 President Burlington Menswear  1996
O'Brien, Charles G. BS IE 1956 Executive VP (Retired) Thomasville Furniture Industries 1993
Osmond, Robert BS 1993
MS 1995
Chief Technology Officer Commonwealth of Virginia 2023
Parker, Frederick T. II* BS FW 1965
MS IE 1965
President Virginia Peanuts, Inc.
Parks, Charles J.* BS ME 1945
BS IEOR 1948
VP-Operations (Retired) Union Carbide Corp.
Nuclear Division
Patel, Morgan Blackwood BS 2003 Founder Greystreak 2022
Prillaman, Haller G.
BS IE 1955 President Prillaman Brothers, Inc.
Raney, Augustus M.* BS IE 1941 Retired Investment Real Estate   1998
Rehmert, Ian BS 1995
MS 1997
PhD 2000
President and CEO Republic Finance 2023
Ring, Wiley E. III
BA ME 1957
BS IEOR 1958
President Kingsport Foundry & Mfg. Company
Rockwell, Chris J. MS IE 1992 President Lextant
580 N. 4th St., Suite 610
Columbus, OH 43215
Rolston, B. Fielding* BS IE 1964 Vice President (Retired) Eastman Chemical Company
Rudd, John BS 1967 President Rudd Advisory Group, Inc 2022
Sage, Donald L.* BS IE 1956 Engineering Manager (Retired) AT&T Microelectronics 1993
Sauer, Nancy Bowman* BS IEOR 1984 President D2Xchange, LLC
Schneikert, Harold W. Jr. BS IE 1965 Retired MML Investors Services, LLC 1999
Sen, Suvrajeet PhD 1982 Professor, ISE University of Southern California 2018
Short, J. Landon* BS IE 1952
MS IE 1956
Director of Education The Robert & Janice McNair Foundation 1994
Singu, Sonu BS 1991 Founder 1901 Group 2022
Smith, J. Cole Ph.D. 2000 Dean, College of Engineering and Computing Syracuse University 2019
Smith, Jaime A. BS IEOR 1989 President Lodestar Energy 2008
Smith, Marilyn MS IEOR 1982; PhD IEOR 1984 Distinguished Professor (Retired) Winthrop University 2018
Smith, T. Frank Jr.* BS IE 1947 Marketing Manager Exxon Mobile Corporation 1998
Snelling, Steve BS 1972 Industrial Engineer (Retired) Boeing 2022
Spitzer, Kirk E. BS IE 1967 President & CEO (Retired) Alfa Lavel, Inc. 2002
St. John, W. Frederick BS 1973 Retired Owner, Officer & Director True Energy Coal Sales, Inc. 2017
Staats, Raymond W. PhD 1985 President Craven Community College 2018
Sweers, John F.* BS IE 1946 Corporate VP The Gap Stores, Inc. 1993
Taylor, Robert E. PhD IE 1970 Professor Emeritus
Virginia Tech
Temple, Harry D.* BS IE 1934 Colonel (Retired) United States Army 1998
Terpenny, Janis P. MS ISE 1981
PhD ISE 1996
Professor and Department Head Penn State University
Thomas, John W. Jr.* BS IE 1949 Chairman of the Board Thomas Built Buses, Inc.
Thomas, Joseph C. Sr. BS IE 1943 President Thomas Bros. Inc.
Thomas, Walter L.* BS IE 1943 Production Control Contracts Administrator (Retired) Newport News Shipbuilding 1999
Thompson, Herb H.* BS IE 1956     2004
Tillar, Thomas Cato Sr.* BS 1945 Retired W. T. Tillar Co. Inc. 2002
Tompkins, Curtis J. BS IE 1964
MS IE 1967
Senior Executive Service Officer (Retired) US Department of Transportation 1993
Torgersen, Paul E.*   Professor & John Hancock Chair
Virginia Tech
Turner, Wayne C. BS IE 1964
MS IE 1970
PhD IE 1972
Professor Oklahoma State University
Urquhart, John A.* BS IE 1948 President John A. Urquhart Associates
Van Aken, Eileen M. BS IEOR 1988
MS ISE 1991
PhD ISE 1995
Professor and Department Head Virginia Tech
van Luyn, Robert BS IE 1963 Staff Engineer (Retired) General Electric Aircraft Engines 2006
Vaneman, Warren MS 1997, Ph.D. 2002 Professor of Practice Naval Postgradaute School 2019
Vaughan, Ingrid BS 1985 Vice President & General Manager Navigation & Maritime Systems, Northrop Grumman 2019
Verma, Dinesh MS ISE 1991
PhD 1995
Professor, Systems Engineering Stevens Institute of Technology 2017
Vilseck, James R. BS IEOR 1959 President (Retired) Island Creek Coal Co. 1993
Walker, Douglas D. BS IE 1963 VP Engineering RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company 1993
Watford, Bevlee A. MS IE 1983
PhD IE 1986
Associate Dean for Equity and Engagement Virginia Tech 2006
White, John A. Jr. MS IE 1966 Professor, Industrial Engineering University of Arkansas
Wilburn, L. Thomas Jr.* BS IEOR 1951 Chairman, President & CEO Bethesda Services
Wilson, Grover L. Jr.* BS IE 1937 Colonel (Retired)
Industrial Engineer
United States Air Force 1999
Winters, Tom BS 1986 Chief Supply Chain Officer Flowers Foods 2023
Wittke, Don   Industrial Engineering Manager (Retired) UPS 2016
Woo, Paul J. Jr. BS IE 1969
MS UA 1973
President & CEO (Retired) Sterile Concepts, Inc. 1996
Wood, Linda S. BS IEOR 1981 Retired VP of Operations Services R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company 2017
Worley, Hal G.* BS IE 1946 Manager (Retired) AT&T Customer Engineering & Quality Administration 1999
Wright, Kenneth MS 1993 Senior Policy Advisor  NASA 2023