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2018 Undergraduate Research Poster Session

This year, 11 groups of students presented their research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. A group of graduate students evaluated the posters and selected recipients for first place and second place recognition. Congratulations to all!

First Place

Andrew Thomas
Project title: Google Scholar Webscraping and Text Mining
Advisor: Dr. Navid Ghaffarzadegan

Second Place (three-way tie)

Elena Karakazoff, David McIlvain, Niki Khandelwal, Alex Meholic, and Sahil Laheri
Project title: 3D Printed Personalized Prosthetic Hands for Children with Amniotic Band Syndrome
Advisors: Dr. Blake Johnson, Justin Halper, and Yuxin Tong

Second Place (three-way tie)

Yinshu (Nick) Xu and Wenyan Huang
Project Title:  Physiological Indices of Cognitive Load and Human Factor
Advisor:  Dr. Nathan Lau

Second Place (three-way tie)

Tyler Entner and Gordon Quach
Project Title:  Multifaceted Analysis of Print Quality in Additive Manufacturing
Advisor:  Dr. James Kong