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Textbooks for courses in 2021 Summer Sessions I and II

Course Textbook
ISE 2004
Intro to ISE
No textbook
ISE 2014
Eng. Economy
1. Engineering Economy (2018, 17th Ed.) by Sullivan, Wicks, and Koelling; Pearson; ISBN 978-0134870069 (book only); REQUIRED

2. MyLab Engineering (online access, 2019) by Sullivan, Wicks, and Koelling; Pearson, ISBN 978-0134870694; Recommended
ISE 2214
Manuf Proc Lab
No textbook in this course; materials on Canvas
ISE 3214 Facilities and Logistics Facilities Planning (4th Ed., 2011) by Tompkins, White, Bozer, Tanchoco; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 978-0470444047 (hard copy), 978-0470574157 (eText); Recommended
ISE 3414
Prob OR
Modeling Random Processes for Engineers and Managers (1st Ed., 2009) by James Solberg; Wiley; ISBN 978-0470322550; REQUIRED
Course Textbook
ISE 2014
Eng. Economy
1. Engineering Economy (2018) by Sullivan, Wicks, and Koelling; Pearson; ISBN 978-0134870069 (book only); REQUIRED

2. MyLab Engineering (2019) (online access) by Sullivan, Wicks, Koelling; Pearson; ISBN 978-0134870694; Recommended
ISE 2024
Prob Found for ISEs
1. Probability (2nd ed., 2017) by Lawrence Leemis; ISBN 978-0982917473; REQUIRED

2. Learning Base R (2015) by Lawrence Leemis; ISBN 978-0982917480; Recommended

3. Little Book of Probability (2nd Ed., 2012) by Bruce Schmeiser and Michael Taaffe; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; ISBN 978-1452882925; Recommended
ISE 2034
Data Management
No Textbook
ISE 2404 DOR I Introduction to Mathematical Programming: Applications and Algorithms (Custom edition, 2014) by Wayne L. Winston,‎ Munirpallam Venkataramanan; Cengage Learning; ISBN 978-1305283121; REQUIRED
ISE 3424
Simulation with Arena (6th Ed., 2014) by W. David Kelton, Randall P Sadowski, Nancy B. Zupick ; McGraw-Hill Education; ISBN 978-0073401317; Recommended
ISE 3624 Industrial Ergonomics No textbook
ISE 4204
Production and Operations Analysis (8th Ed, 2021) by Nahmias, S., Olsen, T.; Waveland Press; ISBN 978-1478639268; REQUIRED