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Ph.D. in Management Systems Engineering

Please note: this Ph.D. program is only offered at the Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church.

Management Systems Engineering (MSE) is focused on the theory, research, design, implementation, evaluation, and improvement of systems comprised of decision makers, information, organizational structures, technology, decision tools, work processes, and people, with an emphasis on the interactions among these components. MSE involves the application of engineering design and analysis methodologies and tools to these management systems. One of the primary objectives of this area is to advance the theory and science of designing and understanding of complex management and engineered systems. The MSE graduate track is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges posed by increasingly complex organizational systems within dynamic, global environments.

The MSE concentration is designed to expose students to a breadth of industrial engineering topics at the graduate level, depth in management systems engineering topics, and the opportunity to take technical electives in specialized areas within industrial engineering and other areas.

General Requirements

The following apply to all PhD concentrations in ISE.  Please note, however, that several of these are minimum requirements that may be exceeded by the requirements of a given concentration, and that additional requirements may exist in some concentrations.

  • Students who entered the ISE Ph.D. program prior to the Fall of 2016 may follow earlier Ph.D. requirements (“tracks”) or switch to one of the current Concentrations
  • All Ph.D. student must complete a minimum of 36 graded credit hours, including 24 grade ISE course hours (post BS, and not including ISE 5024.  Note that ISE 5814 and ISE 5804 can be counted toward the ISE course-hour requirement, unless otherwise indicated for a given concentration
  • P/F and other non-graded courses cannot be counted toward minimum credit-hour requirements
  • All required courses in a concentration must be taken for a grade (i.e., A-F)
  • Courses not listed as pre-approved electives in a concentration may be taken, or substitutions for required concentration courses made, pending approval of the student’s Ph.D. advisory committee

Coursework Requirements

Number Title Credits
ISE 5024 ISE Seminar 0
ISE 5814 System Dynamics Modeling of Socio=Technical Systems     3
STAT 5204 or
ECE 5714 or
ISE 5034 or
ISE 5615
Experimental Design and Analysis I (Blacksburg) or
Robust Estimation and Filtering or
Mathematical Probability and Statistics or
Human Factors Research Design I

ECE = Electrical and Computer Engineering - STAT = Statistics

  Number Title Credits
1 ISE 5015 or 

ISE 5124
Management of Change, Innovation & Performance in Organizational Systems I or
Quality Management
2 ISE 5016 or

ISE 5144
Management of Change, Innovation & Performance in Organizational Systems II or
Efficiency & Productivity
3 ISE 5804 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering 3
4 Ph.D. Level course in Management Systems 3
ISE 6024 or 

ISE 6xxx
Advanced Topics in Management Systems Engineering or

Any ISE 6xxx course developed for Management Systems Engineering
5 Modeling and Analysis Courses 3
ISE 5104 or

STAT 5xxx/STAT 6xxx or

ISE 54xx or ISE 64xx
Operations Research or

Graduate course in Statistics or

Any ISE 54xx or ISE 64xx
Number Title Credits
ISE 5044 Production Systems Analysis 3
ISE 5134 Management Information Systems 3
ISE 5154 Applied Human Factors 3
ISE 5174 Engineering Program and Project Mangement 3
ISE 5434 Economic Evaluation of Industrial Projects 3
ISE 5694 Macroergonomics 3
ISE 5714 Usability Engineering 3
ISE 6014 Proposing IE Research 3
PAPA 5014 Concepts and Approaches in Public Administration 3
PAPA 6214 Public Policy Processes and Analytical Approaches 3
PAPA 6224 Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Public Policy Programs 3
STS/SOC 5105, 5106 Contemporary Issues in Science and Technology Studies 3
STS/PAPA 5614 Introduction to Science and Technology Policy 3
STS 6524 Critical Approaches to Science and Technology 3
STS 6614 Advanced Topics in Technology Studies 3
STS 6624 Advanced Topics in Life Sciences and Medicine 3
STS/SOC 6834 Advanced Topics in Social studies of Science, Technology, and Medicine 3
STS 5444 Issues in Bioethics 3
CEE 5600 Civil Infrastructure Systems Analysis 3
CEE 5620 Transportation Network Analysis 3
CEE 5624 Transportation and Land Use 3
CEE 5644 Transportation Systems Planning 3
STAT 5214 Advanced Methods of Regression Analysis 3
STAT 5364 Hierarchical Modeling 3
STAT 5404 Nonparametric Statistics 3
STAT 5504 Multivariate Statistical Methods 3
STAT 5404G Advanced Applied Multivariate Analysis 3
STAT 5514 Regression Analysis 3

CEE = Civil and Environmental Engineering, PAPA = Public administration, SOC = Sociology, STAT = Statistics, STS = Science & Technology in Society