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The DreamVendor 2 3D printer, Engineering Professor Chris Williams' lab.

3D printer

Through-out the 9 month course students work in teams to apply learned skills to a real-world challenge from a manufacturing or service industry.  The  capstone experience culminates with the Senior Symposium, a technical conference event at which company representatives, students and faculty share and celebrate the project results. 

First semester - course 4005: students concentrate on developing a technical proposal as well as performing technical analysis related to their project. 

  • Projects are selected
  • Project Teams are assigned
  • Lectures include: Meetings, Agendas, Project Charter, Project Types, Life-Cycles, and Problem Statements
  • Lectures include: System Development Lifecycle, Objectives and Baselining, Project Description/Scope, Scheduling, Managing Cost/Time, and Alternative Evaluation
  • Team Presentations start
  • Lectures include: Implementation Plan and Critical Tasks and Team Dynamics, KAI, Measuring Impact
  • Team Presentations
  • Exam
  • Final Proposal Presentation
  • Proposal Draft
  • Final Proposal Report
  • Winter Break

Second semester - course 4006: students focus on design and implementation as well as hone their technical writing and oral presentation skills. 

  • Winter Break Ends
  • Project Work Days with Teaching Team
  • Lectures include: Ethics and Quantifying Impact
  • Project Update Meetings with Teaching Team
  • Project Work Days
  • Guest Speakers
  • Abstracts Due
  • Lectures include: Quantifying Project Impact
  • Team Presentations
  • Possible Guest Speakers
  • Spring Break
  • Poster Drafts Due
  • Team Presentations
  • Manuscript Draft Due
  • Final Poster Due/Printed
  • Impact Form signed by client
  • Final Team Presentation for the Teaching Team
  • Symposium
  • Final Manuscript Due
  • Graduation


ISE Senior Design Program
Hours: 8a.m. - 5p.m.
Phone: 540.231.1810

Matt Earnest, Director
Center for High Performance Manufacturing


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