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Team 2 Abbott - Use of AR/VR in Safety Training

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Project Abstract

Abbott Nutrition is dedicated to developing science-based nutrition products and supporting healthcare professionals with research and information to help people live a healthier and better life. Abbott trains its employees on lock-out tag-out, a safety procedure that ensures equipment is restricted and labeled while undergoing maintenance. Trainees currently practice the procedures on a lock-out tag-out cart, which contains valves and switches that can be found on the production floor. The team developed a mixed reality solution using Microsoft Guides and the Hololens to enhance this training process, improving safety, employee knowledge retention, as well as aiding in Abbott’s digital transformation initiatives. The implementation of our solution is expected to reduce the number of lock-out tag-out incidents and save $176,000 in injury costs, $117,320 from the change in training processes, and accelerate digital transformation goals for an additional impact of $94,500 for a total impact of $387,820 over the next three years. 

Members: Joaquin Lara Azocar, Roshan George, Anvitha Nachiappan, Shail Patel
Faculity Advisor: Dr. Joe Gabbard
Company Contact: Kristal Hunley


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