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Team 19 LACA - LACA Water Quality Data Platform

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Project Abstract

The Lake Anna Civic Association (LACA) of Lake Anna, VA collects water quality data to maintain the health of the lake. LACA required a business process improvement plan to increase stakeholders’ access to data analytics. The team developed a method for analyzing and visualizing data sets using OpenRefine to clean existing data and RStudio to produce visualizations. This method reduces data analytics speed by 98.3%, which grants LACA forecasting capabilities for the entire lake. The implementation of this method is expected to have an estimated value of $500,000 to $1,000,000 due to increased government funding.

Members: Nick Eckels, Xiaohan Ma, Megan Schimmel, Julia Geri Weber
Faculity Advisor: Dr. Manish Bansal
Company Contact: Harry Looney


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