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Project Abstract

InMotion is a manufacturing company located in Blacksburg, VA, and since 1967, has produced electric motors for commercial vehicles. This facility lacks two major components for a successful manufacturing system: a proper standard approach to address total productive maintenance (TPM) on the shop floor and an effective visual display of a GEMBA board to track quality and process metrics. Our team addressed both of these opportunities through our solutions. We designed a proper TPM standard for the automated power steering (APS) line, incorporating machine maintenance instructions, images, systematic processes, and critical spare parts list to enable operators for success in specific manufacturing tasks. We also designed and implemented an effective GEMBA board design that clearly displayed necessary information to improve productivity on the production floor. The two project solutions are expected to increase productivity by 30%, decrease downtime by 10%, boost the culture of lean standards in the workplace, and increase employee engagement.

Members: Henry Droher, Clara Hellersund, Grace-Katherine Durene Keith, Aidan Smith, Yucheng Xu
Faculity Advisor: Dr. Jeon Myounghoon
Company Contact: Joseph Jackson


ISE Senior Design Program
Hours: 8a.m. - 5p.m.
Ph: 540.231.1810

Matt Earnest, Director
Center for High Performance Manufacturing


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