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Team 4 Boeing St. Louis Programs - Capacity, Capability and Readiness Assessment

Boeing Team Poster

Project Abstract
Boeing Space and Defense St. Louis is approaching Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) for the MQ-25 Autonomous Refueler and T-7A Red Hawk trainer. Before LRIP implementation, Boeing needs to perform a capability, capacity, and readiness analysis for each production line to identify risks and develop mitigation recommendations. The team completed a high-level labor, facility, and tooling analysis for MQ-25 to pinpoint potential areas of concern. The experience from the MQ-25 analysis was replicated and adapted to complete a thorough evaluation of the T-7A canopy and windshield shop. Utilizing spreadsheet analysis, Arena Simulation Software, and AutoCAD, the team completed the T-7A analysis to identify potential risks and propose recommendations that will improve the shop capacity to successfully meet targeted production rates. In both the MQ-25 and T-7A analysis, the most critical issues were identified and ranked based on their influence on the production capabilities. Similarly, the corresponding recommendations include potential results on the production capabilities. These results and design recommendations will support Boeing in meeting LRIP production rates, which in turn enables Boeing’s customers to meet their mission goals and objectives.

Members: Alex Orillac, Joe Parodi, Nina Ziu, Shay Wilberger, Supran Poudel
Advisor: Tony Kauer
Client Contact: Matt Bailey, Liam Cahalane


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