Poster presenters' names and their project titles are: 

Patrick Acker, David Evans, Patrick Mittereder "iBeacons: What Are They and How Can They Be Useful?"

Kai Ye, Kyra Vila, John Andrew Bean, Tianxiang Chen "Bibliometric Analysis and Maturity Assessment of Results from Systematic Literature Reviews"

Kelly Olliges "Review of Performance Measurement Practices in Military and Government Sectors"

Grant Hughes "Can Google Trends Explain Suicide Rate?"

Danielle Knust "Half Empty or Half Full: How People Think About the Problem of Obesity"

Andrew Schoka, Sachi Koulgi "Data Mining for Improved Occupational Health and Safety"

Juan Morales "Industrial Applications of Robotic Devices"

Senxuan Wang "Modeling Human Performance of Operators in Digital Control Room"