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Force Add Procedures

Force Add requests to ISE courses should be submitted online via the following link (PID required):

Force-Add requests will only be accepted online. Force-Add requests will not be processed if received by phone, email or in person. This procedure will make it quicker and easier to process requests and, more importantly, make this process easier and faster for students

The following information is included in the online Force-Add form but is included here to emphasize a few points.

  • You are submitting a request to force-add an ISE course(s) that you are unable to add via Hokie Spa (major restriction, full course, prerequisite not recognized, time conflict with a REQUIRED course).
  • This form accepts up to two ISE course requests. You can submit an additional form to include more requests if necessary.
  • Force-add requests for professor or time preference will not be processed.
  • Make certain that there are no time conflicts with the CRNs you provide. Additional CRN cannot be added if there is a time conflict.
  • Check that there are no holds on your account as we cannot lift holds to add a course to your schedule.
  • The ISE department cannot force-add classes from other departments. Students must contact the department of the course they need to force-add.
  • A class cannot be added if doing so will exceed the maximum number of credits allowed in a semester (19c) unless you have permission from the Dean's office. For permission, fill out the Overload form from the Academic Forms and Procedures page of the College of Engineering website, and submit it to 212 Hancock Hall for approval.
  • Please check your schedule on Hokie Spa to see if your course has been added. An email will not be sent to verify this. Every effort will be made to process your request in a timely manner. Please be patient.