The Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering is a top-ranked program, offering a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering (BSISE). It is one of the best known and highest-rated ISE programs in the United States. Career opportunities for ISEs have never been better, and our graduates work for manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, hospitals, airlines, railroads, banks, amusement parks, management consulting, military, and federal government organizations.

One of the primary aims of the ISE is to create value for organizations by improving performance of integrated systems, for example, improving quality, productivity, costs, efficiency, worker safety, and/or customer satisfaction. The depth and breadth of the BSISE curriculum at Virginia Tech prepares our graduates to contribute to any organization in any industry.

ISE Undergraduate Program Mission

The mission of the ISE Undergraduate Program is to prepare industrial and systems engineering students to create value for organizations, the profession, and society. We achieve this mission by recruiting, retaining, and educating high quality and diverse students and by creating a rigorous and collegial environment enabling students to learn industrial engineering methods and tools, built upon a foundation of mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences, and to apply them in any global organizational setting. Students are able to achieve academic and professional success through opportunities to participate in various educational experiences, to develop capabilities as future leaders, and to embark on a lifelong journey of professional development and learning.

Undergraduate Program Director

John P. Shewchuk

Associate Professor and Associate Department Head
259 Durham Hall
540-231-6656     Email

Academic Advisor for Undergraduate Program and Co-Op

Maggie Johnson

243 Durham Hall

Undergraduate Academic Advisor and Study Abroad Liaison

Paula Van Curen

241 Durham Hall