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Textbooks for courses in 2020 Summer Sessions I and II

Course Textbook Note
ISE 2004
Intro to ISE
Intro to Industrial and Systems Engineering (2014) by Fraticelli; Pearson Learning Solutions; ISBN 978-1269773577 Textbook is "Required"
ISE 2014
Eng. Economy
Engineering Economy (2018, 17th Ed.) by Sullivan, Wicks, and Koelling; Pearson; ISBN 978-0134870069 (book only) Textbook is "Required"
ISE 2214
Manuf Proc Lab
No textbook in this course Materials on Canvas
ISE 3214 Facilities and Logistics Facilities Planning (4th Ed., 2011) by Tompkins, White, Bozer, Tanchoco; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 978-0470444047 (hard copy), 978-0470574157 (eText)
Textbook is "Recommended";  either a hard copy or eText version is fine.
ISE 3414
Prob OR
Modeling Random Processes for Engineers and Managers (1st Ed., 2009) by James Solberg; Wiley; ISBN 978-0470322550
Textbook is "Required"
Course Textbook Note
ISE 2014
Eng. Economy
1.  MyLab Engineering (2019) (online access) by Sullivan, Wicks, Koelling; Pearson; ISBN 978-0134870694
2. Engineering Economy (2018) by Sullivan, Wicks, and Koelling; Pearson; ISBN 978-0134870069 (book only)
#1 online access is "Required"; #2 is "Recommended"
ISE 2034
Data Management
No Textbook No Textbook
ISE 2404 DOR I Introduction to Mathematical Programming: Applications and Algorithms (Custom edition, 2014) by Wayne L. Winston,‎ Munirpallam Venkataramanan; Cengage Learning; ISBN 978-1305283121 Textbook is "Required"
ISE 3424
Simulation with Arena (6th Ed., 2014) by W. David Kelton, Randall P Sadowski, Nancy B. Zupick ; McGraw-Hill Education; ISBN 978-0073401317 Textbook is "Recommended"
ISE 3624 Industrial Ergonomics No textbook No textbook
ISE 4204
1. Production and Operations Analysis (7th Ed, 2015) by Nahmias, S., Olsen, T.; Waveland Press; ISBN 978-1478623069
2. The Goal (any edition, 2014) by Eliyahu Goldratt, Jeff Cox; North River Press, Inc.; ISBN 978-0884271956
Both textbooks are "Required"