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Textbooks for courses in Spring 2024 semester

Updated on January 2, 2024

  • ISE 5134 Mgmt Info Systems will use the most recent (10th) edition of the required textbook, rather than the originally-reported (9th) edition.
  • Check the correct status of textbook (REQUIRED, Recommended) on this page.  The status on the VT University Bookstore website may not be correct.
  • Some or all textbooks for the following courses are available via the publisher's website or the VT Library: ENGR 5204, ISE 4214, 4264, 5406, 5414, 5714, 5984 Indusr AR, 6414, 6434, 6574, and 6984.
  • ISE 4304 Global Issues in Industrial Management has a customized textbook. You can purchase the eBook version at the publisher's site or a paperback copy at the VT Bookstore. Make sure to buy the 2023 version (not the 2022 version), even though they have the same ISBN. Read the 4-page pdf instructions for more information.
Course Textbook
ISE 2004
Intro to ISE
No textbook: materials will be on CANVAS
ISE 2014
Engineering Economy
Engineering Economy (17th Ed., 2018) by Sullivan, Wicks, Koelling; Pearson; ISBN 978-0134870069 (hard copy), 978-0134838137 (loose leaf), REQUIRED
ISE 2024
Probability Foundations for ISE
A First Course in Probability (10th Ed, 2019) by Sheldon Ross; Pearson; ISBN 978-0134753119. REQUIRED
ISE 2034
Data Mgmt for ISEs
No textbook
ISE 2214
Manuf Proc Lab
No textbook: Lab Manual will be available on CANVAS
ISE 2404
Introduction to Mathematical Programming (2014, Custom for VT) by Winston and Venkataramanan; Cengage Learning; ISBN 978-1305283121; Recommended
Course Textbook
ISE 3004
Ind Cost Control

1. MyLab Accounting (online access) by Horngren, Schatzberg, Burgstahler, Sundem; Pearson; REQUIRED

ISBN for: MyLab Accounting access only (no textbook) 978-0133059243; with eText 978-0133059229; with Student Value loose-leaf edition 978-0133059762; with hardcover 978-0133059748.

2. Introduction to Management Accounting (16th Ed., 2014) by Horngren, Schatzberg, Burgstahler, Sundem; Pearson; Recommended

ISBN for: eText 978-0133423839; Student Value loose-leaf edition 978-0133058819; Hardcover 978-0133058789.

ISE 3034
Technical Communication for Engineers
Technical Communication (12th Ed., 2017) by Mike Markel, Stuart A. Selber; Bedford/St. Martin's Publisher; ISBN 978-1319058616; REQUIRED
ISE 3424
Discrete-Event Computer Simulation

Reference book
Simio and Simulation - Modeling, Analysis, Applications (6th ed., 2021) by Jeffrey S. Smith and David T. Sturrock; Simio; ISBN 979-8802969557. Read online (free)

ISE 3614
Human Factors Engineering and Ergonomics

1. Designing for people: An introduction to human factors engineering (3rd Ed., 2017) by Lee, Wickens, Liu, Boyle; CreateSpace; ISBN 978-1539808008; REQUIRED

2. The design of everyday things (Revised and expanded edition, 2013) by Norman; Basic Books; ISBN 978-0465050659; REQUIRED

ISE 3624
Industrial Ergonomics
No textbook: materials will be available on CANVAS
Course Textbook
ISE 4006
Proj Mgmt & Sys design II
No textbook
ISE 4014
Intro to Management Systems
No textbook
ISE 4204

1. Production and Operations Analysis (8th Ed., 2021) by Steven Nahmias, Tava Lennon Olsen; Waveland Press; ISBN 978-1478639268; Recommended

2. The Goal (30th Ed., 2014) by Eliyahu Goldratt, Jeff Cox; North River Press, Inc.; ISBN 978-0884271956; REQUIRED

ISE 4214
Lean Manufacturing
Toyota Production System: An Integrated Approach to Just In Time (4th Ed., 2012) by Yasuhiro Monden; CRC Press; ISBN 978-1439820971; REQUIRED; Download PDF or Read online
ISE 4264
Industrial Automation
Robot Modeling and Control (2nd ed., 2020) by M. W. Spong, S. Hutchinson, and M. Vidyasagar; Wiley; ISBN 978-1119523994; REQUIRED; eBook via VT Library
ISE 4304
Global Issues in Industrial Mgmt

Global Issues in Industrial Management (custom textbook) by N. Ghaffarzadegan; McGraw Hill Education Create; REQUIRED

ISBN 978-1307861402 for eBook version at the publisher's website; ISBN 978-1307861389 for print (black & white) version at the VT Bookstore.

Please obtain the 2023 version (not the 2022 version) even though they have the same ISBN. Read the 4-page pdf instructions for more information.

ISE 4654
Principles of Industrial Hygiene
No textbook
ISE 4804
System Dynamics Modeling of Industrial Systems
Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World (2000) by John D. Sterman; McGraw-Hill; ISBN 978-0072389159; textbook is REQUIRED, but CD is not required
ISE 4984
Digital Engineering (by Wach)
No officially-adopted textbok: the instructor plans to use textbooks that are either open source or openly accessible to students. 
ISE 4984
Dec Analy for Engineers (by Topcu)
Making Hard Decisions with DecisionTools (3rd Ed., 2014) by Robert T. Clemen, Terence Reilly; Cengage; ISBN 9780538797573. Recommended
ISE 4984
Product Safety (by Dickerson)
No textbook
Course Textbook
ISE 5016
Mgmt Change, Innov & Prf II
No Textbook
ISE 5054
Engineering Discourse

1. Essential Writing Skills for College and Beyond (2014) by C. Gill; Penguin; ISBN 978-1599637594; REQUIRED

2. Better Presentations (2016) by J. Schwabish; Columbia University Press; ISBN 978-0231175210; REQUIRED

3. The craft of research (Chicago guides to writing, editing, and publishing) (4th Ed., 2016) by W. C. Booth, G. G. Colomb, & J. M.  Williams; University of Chicago Press; ISBN 978-0226239736; Recommended

ISE 5134
Mgmt Info Systems
Business Driven Technology (10th Ed., 2024) by Page Balzan; McGraw-Hill; ISBN 9781266609077; REQUIRED
ISE 5174
Eng. Program and Project Mgmt

1. The Complete Software Project Manager (2016) by Anna Murray; Wiley; ISBN 978-1119161837; REQUIRED; eBook via VT Library

2. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge & Agile Practice Guide (7th Ed., 2021) by Project Management Institute; Pennsylvania: Project Management Institute; ISBN 978-1628256642; REQUIRED

ISE 5244
Fac Plan & Matl Hndling
Facilities Planning (4th Ed., 2011) by James A. Tompkins, John A. White, Yavuz A. Bozer, J. M. A. Tanchoco; Wiley; ISBN 978-0470444047; Recommended
ISE 5406
Optimization II
Nonlinear Programming: Theory and Algorithms (3rd Ed., 2006) by Bazaraa, Sherali, Shetty; Wiley; ISBN 978-0471486008; REQUIRED; eBook via VT Library
ISE 5414
Random Processes

1. Stochastic Processes (2nd Ed., 1995) by Sheldon Ross; Wiley; ISBN 978-0471120629; Recommended.

2. An Introduction to Stochastic Modeling (4th Ed., 2010) by Mark Pinsky, Samuel Karlin; Elsevier; ISBN 978-0123814166; Recommended. Download via VT Library

3. Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Systems (3rd Ed., 2016) by Vidyadhar G. Kulkarni; CRC Press; ISBN 978-1498756617; Recommended. eBook via VT Library

4. Introduction to Probability Models (12th Ed., 2019) by Sheldon Ross; Elsevier; ISBN 978-0128143469; Recommended. eBook via VT Library

5. Essentials of Stochastic Processes (3rd Ed., 2016) by Richard Durrett; Springer; ISBN 978-3319456133; Recommended. Download book PDF

6. Adventures in Stochastic Processes (2002) by Sidney I. Resnick; Springer; ISBN 978-1461203872; Recommended. Download book PDF

Course Textbook
ISE 5454
Prod Plan & Control
No textbook: materials will be uploaded to CANVAS.
ISE 5624
HF Research  Design
Applied Linear Statistical Models (2005, 5th ed.) by Kutner,‎ Nachtsheim,‎ Neter and Li; McGraw-Hill/Irwin; ISBN 978-0073108742; Recommended
ISE 5634
HF in Transportation
No textbook
ISE 5714
Usability Engineering (by McCrickard)
The UX Book (2nd Ed., 2019) by Hartson; Elsevier; ISBN 978-0128053423; REQUIRED; Download PDFs via VT Library
ISE 5814
System Dynamics Model Soc-Tech
Business Dynamics (2000) by John Sterman; McGraw-Hill; (with CD) ISBN 978-0072389159, (without CD) ISBN 978-0072311358; Textbook is REQUIRED, but CD is not required.
ISE 5834
Data Analy for Engr
Making Hard Decisions with DecisionTools (3rd Ed., 2014) by Robert T. Clemen, Terence Reilly; Cengage; ISBN 9780538797573; Recommended.
ISE 5874
Digital Engineering
No textbook: the instructor plans to use text that are either open source or openly accessible to students. 
ISE 5884
Systems Architecting
No textbook
ISE 5984
Soc-Tech Sys (by Triantis)
No textbook
ISE 5984
Eng Mgt & Admin (by Godfrey)
No textbook
ISE 5984
Industr AR (by Gabbard)
Augmented reality : principles and practice (2016) by Dieter Schmalstieg, Tobias Höllerer; Addison-Wesley Professional; ISBN 9780321883575; REQUIRED; eBook via VT Library
ISE 5984
Product Safety (by Dickerson)
No texxtbook
ISE 5984
HF in Transportation (by Klauer)
No textbook
Course Textbook
ISE 6414
Integer Programming
Integer Programming (2020) by Laurence Wolsey; Wiley; ISBN 9781119606536; REQUIRED; Download via VT Library
ISE 6434
Sched & Seq Theory

1. Scheduling: Theory, Algorithms and Systems (6th Ed., 2022) by Pinedo, M.,; Springer; ISBN 978-3-031059209; REQUIRED; Download book PDF

2. Principles of Sequencing and Scheduling (2nd Ed., 2019) by Baker, K. R. and Trietsch, D.; Wiley; ISBN 978-1119262565; Recommended; Download book PDF

ISE 6464
Queueing Networks
No textbook
ISE 6494
Advanced Sim
No textbook
ISE 6574
Adaptive Control Systems

1. Robust and Adaptive Control: With Aerospace Applications (2013) by Eugene Lavretsky; Springer; ISBN 978-1447143956; Recommended; Download book PDF

2. Robust Adaptive Control (Dover Books on Electrical Engineering) (2012) by Petros Ioannou; Dover Publisher; ISBN 978-0486498171; Recommended

3. Nonlinear Systems (3rd Ed., 2001) by Hassan K. Khalil; Pearson; ISBN 978-0130673893; Recommended

ISE 6624
Adv Topics in HF
Emotions and Affect in Human Factors and Human-Computer Interaction (2017) by M. Jeon; Academic Press; ISBN 9780128018514; REQUIRED; Download via VT Library
ISE 6644
Cog Work & Task Anly
Cognitive Work Analysis: Toward Safe, Productive, and Healthy Computer-Based Work (1999) by Kim J. Vicente; Taylor & Francis; ISBN 978-0805823974; Download from Publisher's site; eBook via VT Library
ISE 6984
Mixed Int Nonlin Prog

Reference books

1. Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (2012) by Jon Lee, Sven Leyffer; Springer; ISBN 978-1493902217; Download book PDF

2. Semidefinite Optimization and Convex Algebraic Geometry (2012) by Grigoriy Bleckherman, Pablo A. Parillo, Rekha R. Thomas; Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics; ISBN 978-1611972283; Book in pdf

ENGR 5204
Systems Eng Projects

1. Systems Engineering and Analysis (5th Ed., 2011) by Blanchard and Fabrycky; Pearson; ISBN 978-0132217354; Recommended

2. Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World (2000) by John D. Sterman; Irwin McGraw-Hill; ISBN 978-0072389159; Recommended

3. Systems Engineering Principles and Practice (3rd Ed., 2020) by Alexander Kossiakoff, Steven M. Biemer, Samuel J. Seymour, David A. Flanigan; Wiley; ISBN 978-1119516668; Recommended; Download from Publisher's site