Course Textbook Note
ISE 2014
Eng. Economy
Engineering Economy (2014) by Sullivan, Wicks, and Koelling; Pearson; ISBN 978-0133439274 (book only), 978-0133455342 (MyEngineeringLab access only), 978-0133750218 (both book and MyEngineeringLab access) Both textbook and MyEngineeringLab access are required, but students can purchase them separately.
ISE 2034
Data Mgmt for ISEs
No Textbook in this course No Textbook
ISE 2204
Manuf. Processes
Manufacturing Engineering and Technology (2014) by Kalpakjian and Schimid; Pearson; ISBN 978-0133128741
Textbook is "Recommended."
ISE 2214
Manuf Proc Lab
No information  
ISE 2404
Introduction to Mathematical Programming: Operations Research (2002) by Winston and Venkataramanan; Thomson Learning; ISBN 978-0534359645
Textbook is "Required."
ISE 3004
Ind Cost Control
Introduction to Management Accounting (2014) by Horngren, Sundem, Schatzberg, and Burgstahler; Pearson; ISBN 978-0133423839 (eText only), 978-0133059243 (MyAccountingLab only), 978-0133059229 (eText and MyAccounting Lab)
Students should "Go to class first"; MyAccountingLab access is required.
ISE 3214
Factory Plan & Logistics
Facility Planning (2010) by Tompkins, White, Bozer, Tanchoco; Wiley; ISBN 978-0470444047 (hard copy), 978-0470574157 (eText)
Textbook is "Required," but it can be hard copy or eText.
ISE 3424
Discrete-Event Sim
Simio and Simulation: Modeling, Analysis, Applications (2013) by Kelton, Smith, and Sturrock; Simio LLC; ISBN 978-1493616206
Textbook is "Recommended."
ISE 4006
Proj Mgmt & Sys design II
Use the same textbook from ISE 4005
No new textbook
ISE 4214
Lean Manuf
1. Toyota Production System: An Integrated Approach to Just In Time (2012) by Mondan; CRC Press; ISBN 978-1439820971
2. LEAN THINKING: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation (2003) by Womack, and Jones; Free Press; ISBN 0-7432-49275
Both textbooks are "Required."
ISE 4264
Industrial Automation
No information  
ISE 4304
Global Issues in Ind Mgmt
No Textbook in this course No Textbook
ISE 4404
Stat Qual Control
Introduction to Statistical Quality Control (2013) by Montgomery; John Wiley and Sons; ISBN 978-1118146811
Textbook is "Required."
ISE 4644
Occup Safety & Haz Ctrl
Occupational Safety and Health for Technologists, Engineers, and Managers (2014) by Goetsch; Prentice-Hall; ISBN 978-0133484175
Textbook is "Required."
ISE 4984
Ind Energy Mgmt
1. Guide to Energy Management (2016) by Capehart, Turner, Kennedy; Fairmont Press; ISBN 978-1498759335
2. Energy Management Handbook (2012) by Doty and Turner; Fairmont Press; ISBN 978-1466578289
Book 1 is "Required," Book 2 is "Optional."
ISE 4984
Supply Chain Eng.
Designing and Managing the Supply Chain - Concepts, Strategies, and Case Studies (2008) by Simchi-Levi, Kaminsky, and E. Simchi-Levi; McGraw-Hill; ISBN 978-0072982398
Textbook is "Required."
STAT 4105
Theoretical Stat
Probability (2017) by Leemis; Published by Lawrence Leemis (available via; ISBN 978-0982917473 Textbook is "Required"
Course Textbook Note
ENGR 5104
Applied Syst Engr
Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World (2000) by Sterman; Irwin McGraw-Hill; ISBN 0-07-231135-5
Textbook is "Required"
ISE 5016
Mgmt Change, Innov & Prf II
No Textbook in this course No Textbook
ISE 5044
Prod System Design
1. Factory Physics (2011) by Hopp and Spearman; Waveland; ISBN 978-1577667391
2. The Goal (2014) by Goldratt; North River Press; ISBN 978-0884271956
Book 1 is "Required," Book 2 is "Recoomended"
ISE 5114
Case Studies in IE
1. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't (2001) by Collins; HarperCollins; ISBN 978-0066620992
2. Beyond Reengineering: How the Process-Centered Organization is Changing our Work and our World (1997) by Hammer; Harper Business; ISBN 978-0887308802
3. The Innovator’s Solution (2013) by Christensen; Harper Business; ISBN 978-1422196571
4. Seeing What’s Next (2004) by Christensen; Harper Business; ISBN 978-1591391852
5. Enterprise Transformation: Understanding and Enabling Fundamental Change (2006) by Rouse; Wiley-Interscience; ISBN 978-0471736813 
All 5 textbooks are "Required."
ISE 5174
Eng Prog and Proj Mgmt
1. The Project Manager’s Desk Reference (2006, 3rd Ed.) by Lewis; McGraw Hill; ISBN 978-0071464642
2. The Complete Software Project Manager (2016) by Murray; Wiley; ISBN 978-1119161837
3. A Gentle Introduction to Agile Software Development (2017) by Haunts; Stephen Haunts, Ltd.; ISBN 978-1788081535
4. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (2017, 6th Ed.) by Project Management Institute; Pennsylvania: Project Management Institute; ISBN 978-1628251845
All 4 textbooks are "Required."
ISE 5406
Optimization II
1. Nonlinear Programming: Theory and Algorithms (2006) by Bazaraa, Sherali, Shetty; Wiley; ISBN 978-0471486008
2. Numerical Optimization (2006) by Nocedal and Wright; Springer; ISBN 978-0387303031
Both e-books can be downloaded with VT account login.
ISE 5414
Random Processes
1. An Introduction to Stochastic Modeling (2010) by Pinsky and Karlin; Academic Press; ISBN '978-0233814162
2. The Little Book of Probability (2012) by Taaffe and Schmeiser; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; ISBN '978-1452882925
Book 1 is "Required," Book 2 is "Optional"
ISE 5454
Prod Plan & Control
Instructor will upload the materials to Canvas Materials on Canvas
ISE 5615
HF Research  Design
Applied Linear Statistical Models (2004) by Kutner,‎ Nachtsheim,‎ Neter and Li; McGraw-Hill/Irwin; ISBN 978-0073108742
Textbook is "Required"
ISE 5714
Usability Eng
The UX Book: Process and Guidelines for Ensuring a Quality User Experience (2012) by Hartson and Pyla; Morgan Kaufmann; ISBN 978-0123852410
Textbook is "Required"
ISE 5984
Modeling Health Systems
Delivering Health Care in America: A systems approach (2017) by Shi and Singh; Jones & Bartlett Learning; ISBN 9781284124491
Textbook is "Required"
ISE 6414
Integer Prog
Integer Programming (2014) by Zambelli, Cornuéjols and Conforti; Springer; ISBN 978-3319110080
e-book can be downloaded with VT account login.
ISE 6434
Scheduling & Seq Theory
1. Scheduling: Theory, Algorithms and Systems (2016) by Pinedo; Springer; ISBN 978-3319265780
2. Principles of Sequencing and Scheduling (2009) by Baker and Trietsch; John Wiley and Sons; ISBN 978-0470391655
Book 1 is "Required"; e-book for Book 2 can be downloaded with VT account login.
ISE 6494
Advanced Sim
No Textbook in this course No Textbook
ISE 6624
Adv Topics in HF (by Dr. Casali)
No Textbook in this course No Textbook
ISE 6624
Adv Topics in HF (by Dr. Madigan)
No Textbook in this course No Textbook
ISE 6984
Healthcare OR
No textbook in this course; Instructor will provide coursepack coursepack by Instructor
ISE 6984
Cognitive Wrk & Task Analy
Cognitive Work Analysis: Toward Safe, Productive, and Healthy Computer-Based Work (1999) by Vicente; CRC Press; ISBN 978-0805823974
Textbook is "Required"
ISE 6984
No textbook in this course: Materials will be provided by Instructor
Materials by Instructor