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Textbooks for courses in Fall 2021 semester

(updated on August 20)

  • Textbook information for ISE 5174 Eng Prog and Proj Mgmt has been posted.
  • Textbook information for ISE 5714 Usability Engineering has been posted.
  • ISE 4004 Theory of Organization: One of the requried textbooks A Very Short Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Leadership was updated from 2nd to 3rd Edition.
Course Textbook
ISE 2004
Intro to ISE
No information was provided by the instructor.
ISE 2014
Eng. Economy

1. Engineering Economy (17th Ed., 2019) by Sullivan, Wicks, Koelling; Pearson; ISBN 978-0134870069 (hardcover), 978-0134838137 (loose-leaf, student value version), REQUIRED

2. MyLab Engineering (online access, 2019)  by Sullivan, Wicks, Koelling; Pearson; ISBN 978-0134831671 (with eTextbook), Recommended

ISE 2204
Manuf Proc
Introduction to Manufacturing Processes (2011) by Mikell P. Goover; Wiley; ISNB 978-0470632284, REQUIRED
ISE 2214
Manuf Proc Lab
No Textbook: course materials will be provided in class
ISE 3034
Technical Communication for Engineers
Technical Communication (12th Ed., 2017) by Mike Markel, Stuart A. Selber; Bedford/St. Martin's; ISBN 978-1319058616, REQUIRED
ISE 3214
Facilities Planning & Logistics
Facilities Planning (4th Ed., 2011) by James A. Tompkins, John A. White, Yavuz A. Bozer, J. M. A. Tanchoco; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; ISBN 978-0470444047, Recommended
ISE 3414
Prob OR

1.  Modeling Random Processes for Engineers and Managers (1st Ed., 2009) by James Solberg; Wiley; ISBN 978-0470322550, REQUIRED
Link to an e-book version:

2.  The Little Book of Probability: Essentials of Probability for Stochastic Processes and Simulation (2nd Ed., 2012) by Michael Taaffe and Bruce W. Schmeiser; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; ISBN 978-1452882925, Recommended

3.  MATLAB (software), Available via VT student engineering software

ISE 3434
Introduction to Mathematical Optimization (2019) by Matteo Fischetti; Independently published; ISBN 978-1692792022; Recommended
ISE 3614
Intro to HF Eng

1. Designing for people: An introduction to human factors engineering (3rd Ed., 2017) by John D. Lee, Christopher D. Wickens, Yili Liu, and Linda NG Boyle; CreateSpace; ISBN 978-1539808008; REQUIRED

2. The design of everyday things (2013) by Don Norman; Basic Books; ISBN 978-0465050659; REQUIRED

Course Textbook
ISE 4004
Theory of Organization

1. The Functions of the Executive (30th Ed., 1971) by Chester Barnard; Harvard University Press; ISBN 978-0674328037; REQUIRED

2. A Very Short Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Leadership (3rd Ed., 2018) by Brad Jackson & Ken Parry; SAGE Publications; ISBN 978-1446273784; REQUIRED

3. Leading Virtual Teams: Managing from a Distance During the Coronavirus (April 2020) by Catherine Mattiske; Tpc - The Performance Company; ISBN 978-1921547997; REQUIRED

ISE 4005
Proj Mgmt & Sys Design I
A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) (6th Ed., 2017) by Project Management Institute; ISBN 978-1628251845; Recommended
Link to eBook at VT Library
ISE 4015
Mgmt Sys Theo, App & Dec

1. Decision Analysis for Management Judgment (5th Ed., 2014) by Paul Goodwin and George Write; Wiley; ISBN 1118740734; Recommended

2. Game of Strategy (5th Ed., 2020) by Avinash Dixit, Susan Skeath, David Reiley; W. W. Norton; ISBN 978-0393422238; Recommended

3. slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations (2008) by Nancy Duarte; O'Reilly; ISBN 596522347; Recommended

4. HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations (2012) by Nancy Duarte; Harvard Business Review Press; ISBN 1422187101; Recommended

5. HBR guide to Better Business Writing (2012) by Bryan A. Garner; Harvard Business Review Press; ISBN 978-1422184035; Recommended

ISE 4214
Lean Manufacturing
Toyota Production System: An Integrated Approach to Just In Time (4th Ed., 2012) by Yasuhiro Monden; CRC Press; ISBN 978-1439820971; REQUIRED
ISE 4404
Stat Quality Control
Statistical Quality Control (8th Ed., 2019) by Douglas Montgomery; Wiley, ISBN 978-1119723097; REQUIRED
ISE 4424
Logistics Engineering

1. Logistics Engineering & Management (6th Ed., 2004) by Benjamin S. Blanchard; Pearson; ISBN 978-0131429154; Recoomended

2. Introduction to Logistics Systems Management (2004) by Gianpaolo Ghiani, Gilbert Laporte, Roberto Musmanno; Wiley; ISBN 978-1119943389; REQUIRED

ISE 4624
Work Physiology
No Textbook
ISE 4644
Occup Safety & Haz Ctrl
Hazard Analysis Techniques for System Safety (2nd Ed., 2015) by Clifton A. Ericson II; Wiley; ISBN 978-1118940389; REQUIRED
ISE 4984
Ind Internet Smart Mfg (by Dr. Jin)

1. Hands-On Industrial Internet of Things: Create a powerful Industrial IoT infrastructure using Industry 4.0 (2018) by Veneri, G. and Capasso, A.; Packt Publishing; ISBN 978-1789537222; REQUIRED

2. Stream of Variation Modeling and Analysis for Multistage Manufacturing Processes (2006) by Shi, J; CRC Press; ISBN 0-8493-21514; Recommended

Course Textbook
ISE 5015
Management of Change, Innovation & Performance in Organizational Systems, Pt 1

1. Leading Change (2012 or older versions) by John Kotter; Harvard Business Review; ISBN 978-1422186435; REQUIRED

2.  The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing the Baldrige Criteria: Improve Revenue and Create Organizational Excellence (2007) by Leonard, D. and McGuire, M.; American Society for Quality Press; ISBN 978-0873897174; Recommended

3. The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization (1990) by Peter Senge; Doubleday; ISBN 978-0385517256; REQUIRED

4. The resilient enterprise: overcoming vulnerability for competitive advantage (2005) by Yossi Sheffi; MIT Press Books; ISBN 978-0262195379; REQUIRED

ISE 5024
ISE Seminar
No Textbook in this course
ISE 5034
Mathematical Probability and Statistics for Industrial Engineers
Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (8th Ed., 2019) by Hogg, McKean, Craig; Pearson; ISBN 978-0134686998; REQUIRED
ISE 5124
Management of Quality and Reliability

1. Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence (11th Ed., 2020) by James Evans & William Lindsay; Cengage; ISBN 978-0357118269 (e-book); REQUIRED

2. Steinway and Sons (1981) by David Garvin, Harvard Business School Case # 682-025; REQUIRED

3. Hank Kolb, Director, Quality Assurance (1981) by W. Earl Sasser, Harvard Business School Case # 681-083; REQUIRED

4. 2021-2022 Baldrige Excellence Framework (link on NIST); REQUIRED

ISE 5154
Applied Human Factors Engineering
A guide to Human Factors and Ergonomics (2nd Ed., 2006) by Martin Helander; CRC Press; ISBN 978-0415282482; REQUIRED
ISE 5164
Transfer and Application of Emerging Technology

1. Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change (7th Ed., 2020) by Joe Tidd and John R. Bessant; John Wiley & Sons; ISBN 978-1119713302; REQUIRED

2. Willing at New Products: Creating Value Through Innovation (5th Ed., 2017) by Cooper; Basic Books; ISBN 978-0465093328; REQUIRED

3. Revolutionizing Product Development: Quantum Leaps in Speed, Efficiency and Quality (2011) by Wheelwright; Free Press; ISBN 978-1451676297; REQUIRED

4. The Intellectual Property Guide: IP Literacy and Strategy Basics for Supporting Innovation (2019) by Myra Tawfik and Karima Bawa; Brush Education; ISBN 978-1550597950; REQUIRED

ISE 5174
Eng Prog and Proj Mgmt

1. The Complete Software Project Manager (2016) by Murray; Wiley; ISBN 978-1119161837; REQUIRED

2. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge & Agile Practice Guide (6th Ed., 2017) by Project Management Institute; Pennsylvania: Project Management Institute; ISBN 978-1628253825; REQUIRED

ISE 5204
Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems (1993) by Askin and Standridge; John Wiley & Sons; ISBN 978-0471514183; REQUIRED
ISE 5314
Industrial Robotics

1. Robot Modeling and Control (2nd Ed., 2020) by Spong, M.W., Hutchingson, S., and Vidyasagar, M; Wiley; ISBN 978-1119523994; Recommended

2. A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation (1994) by Richard M. Murray; CRC Press; ISBN 978-0849379819; Recommended

ISE 5405
Optimization I

1. Linear programming and network flows (4th Ed., 2010) by Bazarra, M.S., Jarvis, J.J., and Sherali H.D.; John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 978-0470462720; REQUIRED

2. Introduction to Linear Optimization (1997) by Dimitris Bertsimas and John N. Tsitsiklis; Athena Scientific; ISBN 978-1886529199; REQUIRED

ISE 5424
Simulation I
No textbook: Instructor will post course syllabus before semester starts, and it will have a link to the e-book
ISE 5434
Economic Evaluation of Industrial Projects

1. Contemporary Engineering Economics (6th Ed., 2016) by Park; Pearson/Prentice Hall; ISBN 978-0134105598; REQUIRED
E-book available from VT Library

2. Managing by the Numbers (2000) by Chuck Kremer, Ron Rizzuto, John Case; Basic Books; ISBN 0738202568; REQUIRED

ISE 5474 / STAT 5474
Stat Theory of Qual Contrl
Introduction to Statistical Quality Control by Douglas Montgomery; John Wiley & Sons; REQUIRED
Either 8th Ed. (2020) ISBN 978-1119723097 or 7th Ed (2013) ISBN 978-1118146811 is fine
ISE 5604
Human Information Processing
Engineering Psychology and Human Performance (4th Ed, 2012) by Wickens and Hollands; New York, NY: Psychology Press; ISBN 978-0205021987; REQUIRED
ISE 5614 / BMES 5214
Human Physical Capabilities
Occupational Biomechanics (4th Ed., 2006) by Don B. Chaffin, Gunnar B. J. Andersson, Bernard J. Martin; Wiley; ISBN 978-0471723431; Recommended
ISE 5654
Human Factors System Design
Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics (4th Ed., 2012) by Salvendy; Wiley; ISBN 978-0470528389; REQUIRED
ISE 5714
Usability Engineering
The UX Book: Agile UX Design for a quality user experience (2nd Ed., 2018) by Rex Hartson, Pardha Pyla; Elsevier; ISBN 978-0128053423; REQUIRED
ISE 5734
Occup Health Safety Practicum
No textbook
ISE 5814
System Dynamics Model Soci-Tech
Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World (2000) by John D. Sterman; Irwin McGraw-Hill; ISBN 978-0072389159; REQUIRED
ISE 5834
Decision Analysis for Engineers
Foundations of Multiattribute Utility (2018) by Ali E. Abbas; Cambridge University Press; ISBN 978-1316596739; Recommended
ISE 5984
Ind Internet Smart Mfg (by Dr. Jin)

1. Hands-On Industrial Internet of Things: Create a powerful Industrial IoT infrastructure using Industry 4.0 (2018) by Veneri, G. and Capasso, A.; Packt Publishing; ISBN 978-1789537222; REQUIRED

2. Stream of Variation Modeling and Analysis for Multistage Manufacturing Processes (2006) by Shi, J; CRC Press; ISBN 0-8493-21514; Recommended


Course Textbook
ISE 6014
Proposing IE Research
No Textbook
ISE 6024
Advanced Topics in Mgmt Science

1. Data Envelopment Analysis: A Comprehensive Text with Models, Applications, References and DEA-Solver Software (2nd Ed., 2007) by Cooper, Seiford, Tone; Kluwer Academic Publishers; ISBN 978-0387452838; Recoomended

2. Productivity and Efficiency Analysis, An Economic Approach to Measuring and Explaining Managerial Performance (2018) by O’Donnell, C.; Springer; ISBN 978-9811329845 (eBook); Recommended

ISE 6424
Dynamic Programming
No Textbk: no required textbook for his course. Most of the books are out of print and I provide the students a manuscript
ISE 6494
Advanced Simulation
No Textbook: The instructor will upload course materials to Canvas
ISE 6604
Human Factors in Visual Display Systems

1. Displays: Fundamentals & Applications (2nd Ed., 2016) by Rolf R. Hainich, Oliver Bimber; Taylor and Francis; ISBN 978-1315367408; Link to the book via VT Library (login required); REQUIRED

2. Display and Interface Design (2011) by Kevin B. Bennett, John M. Flach; Taylor & Francis; ISBN 978-0429149801; Link to the book via VT Library (login required); REQUIRED