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Ph.D. in General Industrial Engineering

Note: The Ph.D. in General Industrial Engineering will not be available for students enrolling after the Spring 2017 semester.

The Industrial Engineering (IE) Track is designed to provide flexibility for students to tailor their graduate program to fit their individual educational objectives. This is the newest track in the ISE Department. A short list of required courses is supplemented by wide latitude in the selection of elective courses to complete the IE degree requirements. This allows the student to pursue a broad path, or to pursue a very narrow path in a particular area of study or with a particular faculty member.  This track is available only at the Blacksburg campus.

Students not pursuing one of the pre-approved tracks are expected to meet the minimum requirements presented here. Please note that a student’s advisory committee may establish additional, or more specific, requirements. Students wishing to pursue specific curricular tracks should refer to the requirements for the track.

For students not pursuing a particular track, the requirements (in addition to those required by the Graduate School) are listed below.

Course No. Title Credit Hours
ISE 5034 Mathematical Probability and Statistics 3
ISE 5405 Optimization 3
ISE 5044 Production Systems Analysis 3
ISE courses past B.S. 21
Course hours past B.S. ≥ 45
Hours credited from previous M.S.
(but see other limits from graduate school and ISE)
≤ 30
Total ≥ 90

The courses below CANNOT be used as ISE electives or General technical electives. 

Course No. Title
ISE 5104 Operations Research
ISE 5114 Case Studies in Industrial Engineering
ISE 5134 Management Information Systems
ISE 5154 Applied Human Factors Engineering
ISE 5164 Technology Transfer
ISE 5174 Engineering Program and Project Management