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Graduate Certificates available via Extended Campus

The following 2 Graduate Certificates, Human-System Integration and Technology Management, are offered for technology professionals in government and industry through the extended campus Graduate Programs.  Please go to the Admissions page for the information on how to apply.  For academic advising, please contact Hannah Parks.

Human-System Integration (HSI)

The Graduate Certificate in Human-System Integration (HSI) is a research-based academic program that serves to expand and improve systems management and engineering practice, with emphasis on “human-technology interface” at various levels in the hierarchy and throughout the life cycle of complex systems.  This certificate is offered by the Systems Engineering and Engineering Administration programs at Virginia Tech.

A four-course certificate program emphasizing: 

  • Life Cycle Engineering of Complex Systems - context for HSI
  • Technology-Enabled Human Performance - critical component of HSI
  • Life Cycle Measurement of System Performance - impact of HSI
  • Economic Evaluation of Applied Technology - impact on HSI
for Technology Management (TM) graduate certificate

Technology Management

The Graduate Certificate in Technology Management is a research-based academic program that serves to expand and improve enterprise capabilities for the management of technological innovation – addressing the full spectrum of basic science (research), technology development, intellectual property, product/service development, deployment, maintenance, modernization, and retirement of complex technologies and systems of integrated technology.  This certificate is offered by the Engineering Administration graduate programs at Virginia Tech.A four-course certificate program emphasizing: 

  • Transfer and Application of Emerging Technology - the strategic process of technological innovation and science technology and innovation (STI) capacity building
  • Engineering Program and Project Management - program and project technologies that enable managerial performance
  • Applied Human Factors Engineering (HFE) - HFE in the context of human-system integration
  • Enterprise Information Systems - technology-enabled processing of enterprise information