Virginia Tech's Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE) graduate programs and research activities are diverse, challenging and highly productive. The department provides superior educational opportunities to qualified students and continually improves upon its already strong research and outreach programs. Evidence that the department is attaining its goals is illustrated by the ISE charts of graduate degrees granted, graduate students enrollment, research expenditures, and the national ranking among the accredited industrial engineering programs.

Based on the already published data by the Industrial Engineering Division of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), the Virginia Tech ISE Department has consistently ranked in the top 10 among IE departments in every category.

The ISE Department combines a "hands-on" educational philosophy in conjunction with a systems approach to instruction, scholarship, research, and extension. Programs of study are offered to both on-campus students in Blacksburg and off-campus students in Northern Virginia and throughout the commonwealth.

The ISE faculty teaches most of their courses from the Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church, Virginia which has served the National Capital Region with world-class graduate programs and other university services for more than 25 years.

For admissions information or academic advising contact Paula Van Curen.

The ISE Department in Northern Virginia is part of the ISE Department on the main Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg.

Blacksburg Campus Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Alejandro Salado

Contact Us

Paula Van Curen

Academic Advisor
241 Durham Hall (MC 0118) Blacksburg campus

Jeny Beausoliel

National Capital Region Administrative Assistant
Room 425, Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church*
703-538-8431     Email

L. Kenneth Harmon

Associate Professor
Room 418, Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church*
703-980-9994     Email

Konstantinos P. Triantis

John Lawrence Professor
Room 424, Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church*
703-538-8446     Email

* Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church is located at:
7054 Haycock Road
Falls Church, VA  22043