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ISE Welcomes Four New Faculty Members

Dickerson, Jeon, Kannan, and Yue

The Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering is pleased to introduce its four new faculty members, Deborah Dickerson, Myounghoon "Philart" Jeon, Hanumanthrao "Rao" Kannan, and Xiaowei Yue. 

Deborah Dickerson

Dr. Deborah Dickerson joins the Department as an associate professor. She is the director of the Center for Innovation in Construction Safety, Health, and Wellbeing. Dickerson has established an integrated research, instructional, and service program emphasizing innovative design solutions to occupational risks; and, intervention strategies to improve stakeholder willingness to adopt those innovations. Certified as a safety professional and industrial hygienist, Dickerson entered her current academic career with over ten years of professional experience conducting health hazard exposure assessment and designing control strategies to reduce worker exposure to occupational health hazards. These prior experiences directly inform her current scholarly pursuits; in that the importance of eliminating hazards at the design-stage of equipment and materials, rather than attempting to control exposures during work operations, became quite evident.

Prior to joining the Department, Dickerson was an associate professor for the Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia tech.  

Dickerson received her bachelor's in biology and a master's in industrial and systems engineering; both from Virginia Tech.  She holds a second master's in ecology from North Carolina State University; and earned her doctoral degree in industrial and systems engineering from Virginia Tech.

Philart Jeon

Dr. Myounghoon "Philart" Jeon joins the Department as an associate professor.  He is the director of the Mind Music Machine Lab.  His research is focused on human-computer interactions and human-robot interactions, specifically how to bring more human features, like emotions and learning, into computer programs and robots. By using various instruments, computer vision technologies, driving simulators, neurophysiological equipment, and robots to facilitate in his research, Jeon is designing better ways for people to interact with technology. 

Prior to joining Virginia Tech, Jeon was an associate professor for the Department of Computer Science at Michigan Technological University.  

Jeon received a bachelor's in both psychology and sociology and a master’s in cognitive sciences; both from the Yonsei University in South Korea. He holds a second master's in engineering psychology and earned his doctoral degree in engineering psychology; both from the Georgia Institute of Technology    

Rao Hanumanthrao

Dr. Hanumanthrao "Rao" Kannan joins the Department as an assistant professor.  Kannan's research is focused on developing new mathematical foundations of Systems Engineering with particular emphasis on decision-making. His specific research interests include preference formulation and communication, systems design methodologies, system architecture and data-driven decision support in the context of complex systems.

Prior to joining Virginia Tech as an assistant professor, Jeon was as a postdoctoral research associate from within the Department.  

Kannan received his bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering from Anna University in India; his master's degree in astronautical engineering from the University of Southern California; and his doctoral degree from Iowa State University in aerospace engineering.

Xiaowei Yue

Dr. Xiaowei Yue joins the Department as an assistant professor.  Yue's research focuses on real-time data (‘big data’) generated from complex systems that provide unprecedented opportunities for improving complex system operations.  His objective is to develop novel methodologies for system-level fusion of data-driven models and physical models to effectively extract features from high-dimensional data, in order to achieve real-time monitoring, accurate detection, quick diagnosis, predictive control and optimization of system operations.

Prior to joining Virginia Tech, Yue was a graduate student instructor for the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  

Yue received his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology in China; his master's degree is statistics and his doctoral degree in industrial engineering, both from the Georgia Institute of Technology.