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ISE alumna Amanda Kauder chosen as board member of newly-created Applied Ergonomics Society

Amanda Kauder

Amanda Kauder
Amanda Kauder

(July 5, 2018) ISE Class of 2009 alumna Amanda Kauder was selected to serve as one of eight founding board memberss of the Applied Ergonomics Society (AES).  The AES was recently formed within the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), and its goal is to provide ergonomists with a variety of networking opportunities, project resources, and other services.

Amanda is an industrial engineer at Kysor Warren (2012-present), where she coordinates both the environmental and the ergonomics programs while assisting in coordination efforts of the safety program. These programs all include elements of training, auditing, and regulation compliance, as well as any other activities that focus on maintaining the health and well-being of those who work for the refrigeration manufacturing facilities of Kysor Warren.  While at Kysor Warren, Amanda has become an active member of IISE with her assistance in coordinating the annual Applied Ergonomics Conference (AEC).

Before entering into the world of environmental health and safety, Amanda worked as a quality specialist for a third-tier automotive supplier to Hyundai and Kia (2010-2012). During her time in this role Amanda learned the nuances of working with multi-cultural teams as well as how beneficial Google can be when your supervisor speaks another language.

Through incident investigations for both quality claims and medical claims, Amanda has been able to apply her industrial and systems engineering degree from Virginia Tech to evaluate situations from a bird’s eye view and identify root causes that occur earlier in the production process and lead to the incident being investigated. This knowledge and experience has led Amanda to pursue a professional master’s degree in applied systems engineering at Georgia Tech (class of 2020).

While at Virginia Tech, Amanda was an early member of the Alpha Omega Epsilon sorority chapter and an active member of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Skipper Crew, which mans and maintains the full sized civil war cannon fired during ceremonies and home football games.