Alejandro Salado

Alejandro Salado
Dr. Alejandro Salado

Alejandro Salado, assistant professor for the Grado Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech has received a one year grant for his project “Automatic Generation of Contractual Requirements from MBSE Artifacts”.  

Salado’s research, funded by the Naval Postgraduate School under their Acquisition Research Program will explore whether contractual requirements in textual form can be automatically generated from requirements models in an MBSE environment without loss of information or intent.  According to his abstract, his first objective will be to create requirement models that can capture all information and intent of textual requirements. His second objective will be to translate requirement models into textual requirements without loss of information or intent in terms of contractual needs in acquisition programs.

Salado’s hypotheses will be tested on an Air Force Institute of Technology national satellite to create a benchmark, and then it will be compared against a system of interest to be proposed by the Air Force.  The outcomes of Salado’s research could broadly benefit other industry systems that also require a careful definition of products.

This is Salado’s third grant in two years from this program.  Salado’s PhD student, Paul Wach will also be involved in the research on this project

Established in 2003, Naval Postgraduate Schoolís (NPS) Acquisition Research Program provides leadership in innovation, creative problem solving and an on-going dialogue, contributing to the evolution of Department of Defense acquisition strategies.


Written by Linda Hazelwood