Will Vest, Don Taylor, Dot Cupp

Will Vest, Don Taylor, Dot Cupp
Will Vest (left) and Dot Cupp (right) with Interim College of Engineering Dean Dr. Don Taylor (center)

(June 6, 2017) Administrative Assistant to the Department Head Dot Cupp and Computer Systems Engineer Will Vest received prestigious awards from Virginia Tech’s College Association for Staff in Engineering (CASE) in May 2017.

Dot was nominated, along with more than 20 staff members from across engineering departments, and selected to receive CASE’s Administrative Award for her exceptional contributions to the department.  Her job performance was highly praised by many ISE faculty members, including Interim Department Head Dr. Eileen Van Aken.  One member had this to say about Dot’s work: “I cannot say enough about how valuable Dot’s contributions are to the department.  She is one of the key staff members who interfaces with others outside of our department and outside the university.  She consistently anticipates things that need to happen and often does things before I can even think to make a request. She thinks about the impact on others and from different perspectives.  She is a true leader among the staff.”

Will was awarded the Jenny Frank Award, which recognizes an outstanding staff member in the College of Engineering.  Associate Department Head Dr. John Shewchuk praised Will by saying: “Will has a pleasant, positive demeanor and is always ready to help. Whatever task is assigned, he does a first-rate job, going the extra mile to be sure the people involved are fully satisfied.” He goes on to say, “Will consistently demonstrates a first-rate commitment to his job in ISE, and a strong contributor to morale in our department.”  Will received exceptional positive feedback from a large number of ISE faculty, such as: “… in my 35 years of service at Virginia Tech, I have never encountered a more effective, dedicated staff member than Will Vest.  He is truly an asset to ISE, and to the larger College of Engineering,” “Will is very responsive and helpful. He also offers proactive solutions that he thinks might help my productivity,” and “He is very responsive, accurate in his answers, and quickly understands what I need.  Great to work with him.”

For more information, please go to “CASE Awards 2017” on the Virginia Tech College of Engineering website.