Dr. Subhash Sarin at ISEDS

Dr. Subhash Sarin at ISDSI
Dr. Subhash Sarin (center) received a best paper award during the award ceremony of the 9th ISDSI international conference.

(February 11, 2016)  Paul T. Norton Endowed Professor Dr. Subhash Sarin won a Best Paper Award for his paper “Lot Streaming” that he presented at the 9th Indian Subcontinent Decision Sciences Institute (ISDSI) International Conference held in Goa, India in January 2-4, 2016.

Lot streaming has typically been applied to the flow shop environment. In the awarded paper, Dr. Sarin and his colleagues presented the results of its application to a new configuration of a two-stage assembly system. Closed-form solutions and optimum seeking methods are presented for various versions of this problem.