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Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Durham and Whittemore Halls

Durham and Whittemore Halls
Durham Hall (left) and Whittemore Hall (right)

Mission Statement

The mission of the ISE Department at Virginia Tech is to:

  • Prepare undergraduate and graduate students for life-long success and leadership in the profession, in industry, and in higher education;
  • Conduct and disseminate research that advances knowledge; and
  • Serve the profession, industry, and society.

Vision Statement

The vision of the ISE Department at Virginia Tech is that:

  • Students achieve excellence while they are at Virginia Tech, are sought after by the most-respected organizations and universities around the world, and are successful leaders throughout their careers;
  • Faculty are instrumental in shaping the direction of the profession through leadership roles in the discipline;
  • The Department is internationally recognized for leading research and scholarship;
  • We attract and retain world-class students, faculty, and staff;
  • Alumni are highly engaged with Department faculty, staff, and students; and
  • We create and sustain a collegial environment and sense of community.

Core Values

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We value excellence and achievement in all aspects of our operations, from scholarship to teaching, from research to service, from student performance to support staff to faculty. We focus our attention to ensure the highest quality of our work.

Our faculty, staff, and students exemplify the Virginia Tech motto Ut Prosim (that I may serve) by serving the University, the profession, and society through involvement and leadership in service activities.

We value open communication and collaborative decision-making by the faculty, staff and students of our department. We recognize that everyone has a point of view and should have the opportunity to voice opinions and ideas. We provide varied mechanisms for people to participate in decisions that affect them when at all possible. All ideas and suggestions offered are valued and considered for improving the Department.

We uphold the highest ethical standards and integrity in all that we do.

We value collegial working relationships, where colleagues feel comfortable asking for professional support, knowing that there exists mutual respect and trust among colleagues, and friendly, empathetic work relationships.

We adhere to Virginia Tech's Principles of Community. We value diversity of ideas, opinions, and people. We strive to create an inclusive environment with a diverse faculty, staff, and student body, which creates improved quality, innovation, and exchange of perspectives.

We encourage and promote improvement in all aspects of what we do, including Department processes, Department environment, scholarly achievement, and professional development.