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Electronics Manufacturing Research (EMR) Laboratory

The Electronics Manufacturing Research (EMR) Laboratory provides a facility to support research in semiconductor and the electronics industry. In particular, the research in the lab focuses on the study and analysis of operational and control problems arising in the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing facilities, as well as the development of new and improved algorithms for their solution.


The research conducted in this lab include:

  1. Modeling analysis and assessment of chip scale package and direct chip attach assembly yields.
  2. Reduction in production lead time at a microelectroinics manufacturing facility.
  3. Modeling and productivity improvement of a printed circuit board assembly line.
  4. Operational control of microelectronics facilities.
  5. Determination of daily start plans.
  6. Optimal routing and sequencing of microelectromechanical (MEMS) devices in a network of stochastic job shops.
  7. Disassembly Optimization.
  8. Network of MEMS job shops.

The lab houses:

  1. Five Pentium PCs
  2. Various simulation and optimization software packages

The lab constitutes the research facility of semiconductor manufacturing, one of the designated centers of excellence in support of Virginia Tech's initiative in microelectronics. Besides promoting research, this initiative is also involved in the development of a curriculum for a university-wide option in microelectronics. This initiative is supported by Virginia Microelectronics Consortium, Motorola, College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, the University, as well as a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Director:  Dr. Subhash Sarin

Dr. Robert Sturges and Dr. Kimberly Ellis, Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering

Dr. G.Q. Lu, Department of Material Science and Engineering.

The research performed in the laboratory has been supported by grants from National Science Foundation, Universal Instruments, Ericsson, ITT, GaAsTEK, M/A-COM, Infineon, and the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology. The work accomplished on the determination of assembly yields led to the development of a software that has been distributed to numerous packaging companies in the United States.


Dr. Subhash Sarin

Paul T. Norton Endowed Professor

(540) 231-7140



193 Durham Hall