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Auditory Systems Laboratory

In the Auditory Systems Laboratory, principles and methods of human factors engineering, ergonomics, and acoustics are applied to solve research problems concerning human hearing conservation, auditory information display, communications systems, product design, and general ergonomics. The facility is equipped to support industrial and community in-field investigations as well as controlled laboratory experimentation.

VT Auditory Systems Laboratory Overview (PDF | 2MB)


Recent research projects in the Auditory Systems Lab include, but are not limited to:

  1. Research on Auditory displays and warnings
  2. Research on auditory perception
  3. Hearing protection design and testing, including testing to ANSI, ISO and other standards, as well as NRR testing and product labeling
  4. Communications system design and testing, including Active Noise Reduction devices
  5. Evaluation of personal protective equipment from an integration standpoint
  6. Usability evaluation of products, especially acoustics-related products
  7. Noise exposure quantification in various environments, including industrial, community, and vehicular
  8. Research on noise annoyance and interference in industrial, community, and vehicular environments
  9. Shortcourses on hearing protection and warning signal design
  10. Wheelchair Power Assist Device attachment

The Auditory Systems Lab is equipped with:

  1. Anechoic (echo-free) chamber and reverberant (diffuse) booth
  2. Real-Time and FFT Spectrum Analyzers
  3. Norwegian-Electronics Hearing Protector Test System
  4. Clinical and masking audiometers


Dr. John G. Casali

Grad Chaired Professor

(540) 231-5073


Dr. Kichol Lee

Research Assistant Professor

(540) 231-3294



538 Whittemore Hall