Overview of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) at Virginia Tech

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Industrial and Systems Engineering is similar to other types of engineering in its concern with solving problems through the application of scientific and practical knowledge. What sets Industrial Engineering apart is its reliance on an integrated systems approach and application over a broad scope, including:  people, technology and organizational assessment and improvement.

The Grado Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) recognizes that a strong educational foundation is the key to a successful engineering career.  All of our students are taught by distinguished faculty.  The faculty and staff of the ISE Department are dedicated to maintaining the high set of standards necessary to deliver a quality education.

Information about the VT ISE Undergraduate Program

Information about the VT ISE Graduate Program

The U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks the Virginia Tech ISE Department in the Top 10 for both the undergraduate and graduate programs.  Vice Provost for Learning Systems Innovation and Effectiveness and former ISE department head Dr. G. Don Taylor attributes these rankings to the efforts "of our world-class faculty, our dedicated staff, our first-rate Advisory Board, and a very supportive Dean of Engineering." He couldn't be prouder of the Department's joint achievements, and he looks forward to the future with great anticipation.